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A satellite based system that calculates locations of an object is known as Global Positioning System or GPS and it works on a global level.  This technology is in very high demand.  It is mainly utilized for the triangulation of a cellular phone and navigation to and from certain areas.  Satellites that orbit around earth connect to stations on earth’s surface and they ping the coordinates of people and objects around the world.

Technology of GPS:  It’s a Gift and a Curse
The US Department of Defense created the GPS technology.  The devices are very accurate in what they do and they serve one purpose and that is location.  But it is like anything else.  When the product is used like it is supposed to be, it can be a gift.  However, there are many disreputable people in the world who would use the technology for negative uses. 
Technology of GPS
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Cell phones that are GPS capable, work as both a transmitter and a receiver, so in essence you could be vulnerable to thieves without even realizing it.  Police departments use triangulation techniques to locate proximate locations of people they are looking for.  It is a big benefit to have a phone that is enabled with GPS.  If it is ever lost or stolen it can be located to be returned to the owner.

There are several apps available that allow you to find the phone through GPS.  There are apps available that can use this type of tracking even if your phone doesn’t have an internal GPS involved.  The best part about it is that they are free in most cases.  Unfortunately, thieves can use GPS to find out your location.  They can also monitor what you do and what time periods you leave your home, giving them the opportunity to steal.

GPS actions can be tracked through the web.  You can set up an online username and password.  Then you can set up the online account to message you when the signal moves to another location.  Because these apps and online services are usually free, you can get the answers you want but so can hackers.

Issues with Privacy
It is very unfortunate but there are very disreputable people out there who will look for any way to use these location services to their benefit.  It would be very shocking for you to find out that someone has been tracking your whereabouts.  GPS location services have proved to be an invaluable tool when it comes to driving somewhere you have never been or for finding a way around traffic to get home.  But like anything else, it could be abused and the effects could come at a great cost.  Stricter consequences for privacy violations need to be put into place.

It is all too easy for modern technologies to be manipulated to the benefits of others.  There are protective measures that you can put into place that can help these things from happening to you.  It is sad that you have to use extra measures to be protected, but to leave your guard down would be beyond damaging.  Be sure to take care and guard yourself when using these technologies.

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