Technology With A Twist – Ideas For Your Next Party Or Social Gathering

Getting together with friends and family for good times is just about as old as anything we could imagine – socializing is a key element of the human essence. How we socialize  however, has changed drastically over time, and even within the past 100 years, the ambiance, etiquette and settings for social gatherings are in many respects quite different than they used to be. Most people these days expect to have fun and be entertained while in the company of others, and technology has helped play a huge role in making that possible. For your next party, consider some of the following elements in order to spice things up a bit.

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Move Your Movies Outside
Are you planning to get the gang together for a viewing of the latest big screen picture? Maybe you’re planning to have a marathon viewing party for a commonly-enjoyed TV show, or perhaps you want to get together to share in past memories (old photos and videos). Whatever the purpose, there is absolutely no reason why such activities cannot be enjoyed outside in the open air. Summer evenings are the best for heading outside, setting up a projector and streaming your content directly onto a flat surface such as a wall of a house. Be one with the grass and crickets while enjoying all technology has to offer – you don’t have to sacrifice convenience or proximity to civilisation in order to mingle tech and the great outdoors.


Video Game The Night Away
In recent years, video game gatherings and LAN parties have become all the rage for tech-savvy folk who enjoy a common bond with gaming. Usually, the theme of the party will consist around one specific game, but you could organise it so there are multiple events occurring simultaneously – in other words, more than one game being played at the party. Some people may enjoy first-person shooters, while others may find MMORPG-raiding more to their liking. You know your friends better than anyone else, so make plans to accommodate them and party the night away with good friends and good gaming.

Game The Night Away
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Karaoke Night
Maybe it seems a bit cliché, but you can enjoy a fun night with friends, music and drinks all while howling at one another across a crowded room. Karaoke machines are a thing of the past in a techie’s world, but you can find computer-based equivalents that allow you to plug and play from virtually any computer or home entertainment system. Why not turn your living room into a karaoke-style den, especially when it’s relatively cheap to do so? Just be sure to stock up on the alcohol: a little bit of intoxication goes a long way in making those off-tune melodies sound much better.

Karaoke Night
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Having a modern, tech-based party is easy and fun with the right crowd. Nobody is going to fault you for not putting tons of pomp and circumstance into an old-style party because, frankly, most people these days appreciate simplicity and access to modern affinities. The next time you plan to have friends and family over, consider how you can incorporate technology into the mix and make it a fun evening for all those involved!

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