HTC with Windows brings to you basic smart phones with a few great features that certainly are worth the money you pay for the handsets. They aren’t devices with the bells and the whistles, but they serve you quite well with their simplistic style and performance oriented features. The HTC Trophy, the HTC Arrive, and the HTC Mozart are three smart phones that surely are worth a look.

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HTC Trophy

Available in a compact and simple design, the HTC Trophy is a phone that is devoid of the special effects that most smart phones are laden with. While many takers would be put off with the bare bones approach, there would be a lot of people impressed with the subtly elegant exterior too.

Performance wise, the phone has a Windows 7 OS that lags behind in many aspects like app support and ergonomic user interface. However, with email integration, active 3G compatibility and letting the dual-core CPU power your phone is no mean task too. The 5 GB camera quality is not very good and the video recording at 720p looks pretty outdated.

However, the HTC Trophy excels where price and performance with calls and texts are concerned, making it a great purchase.

HTC Arrive

The first mobile phone to feature the ‘copy’ ‘paste’ and ‘cut’ ‘paste’ features in its texting and keypad interface, the HTC Arrive, is a sleek and elegant smart phone, while maintaining its compact exteriors.

Though the HTC Arrive looks incredibly stylish, it is heavy and that could put several users off. On the performance front, the HTC Arrive is a great handset to have. The 1 GHz processor with the 448 MB RAM might not be the most powerful hardware support in the mobile phone niche, but it does quite well to manage apps and make sure your phone experience is good enough.

There is a lot of app support and the camera at 5mp is great, given the low price that the HTC Arrive comes for. We recommend this basic mobile phone if you want a quality handset with good call, message and 3G connectivity options.

HTC Mozart

With a sleek aluminium body and a snazzy exterior, the HTC Mozart is a gorgeous smart phone with an 8mp camera that serves as its main highlight. The 1 GHz processor and the multimedia plug-ins that the Mozart comes with make networking and multitasking very easy. Thus, the Mozart can be used as a low key corporate phone.

The Windows 7 OS is slightly bloated with a lot of organisation problems, but still can be easily customised for personalising the phone. On the design front, the HTC Mozart is one of the very few smart phones that feature a tiny screen than most of its competitors and is unapologetic about it. The call quality, speaker settings, and the overall email and text integration features are excellent making the HTC Mozart a premium quality basic smart phone too. We’d definitely recommend this handset for the low prices you can get it for.

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