Amazing Mobile Phone Games

For those who remember the computer scene of the late 1970s and 1980s (those readers who were alive then!) the concept of using ones new fangled computer system to play games quickly became the rage which fueled massive popularity and growth of the entire industry.

Those simple gaming experiences led way to the explosion of arcade games where dedicated computers where designed and built for the enjoyment of the computer game fan.

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As computer technology advanced, it evolved into a solid industry dedicated to producing faster processing units, ever larger storage and memory capabilities and over the past few years, lifelike realism with respect to the ability to produce graphics on the view screen.

Amazing Mobile Phone Games
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Like the electric motor of the 19th century, the computer has gotten smaller and more out of sight with all its iterations of development. Today’s smart mobile phones, for instance, are faster with more storage capability and graphics power than the first PCs.

Much like the development of computer games of the 70s and 80s, mobile phone gaming is becoming increasingly popular with every new device brought to market. Even the classic games from the early personal computing days are being rejiggered to work on a variety of mobile phone platforms.

The new life breathed into these extremely old games is also expanding game players desires for new, interesting and more complex modern games. Depending upon the mobile platform one chooses, chances are there are more than enough phone games to make one happy for many, many hours.

Batman Begins: The ever popular DC Comics crime fighter has lived long and prospered through a number of mediums. Comic books, graphic novels, animated series and movies, live action television shows, 3D Imax 70mm cinematic experiences, and video games. Now, fans of the character and games alike can play as Batman to their hearts content wherever they might find themselves.

WordKing Poker: As the card game of poker has become increasingly popular, so have video game representations. Word games are perennial favorites and Scrabble a leader in that field. Now, mobile phone game designers have combined poker with word games to create an addictive, fun and challenging hybrid of the two.

Massive Snowboarding: Taking advantage of the smart phone’s capability to control elements on the screen, this game combines the speed and thrill of down hill skiing/snow boarding with intense graphics and game playing fun.

Monopoly: Not to be left out of the fun, board game manufacturers are creating mobile phone versions of their classic and popular games. The version of Monopoly available for mobile platforms combines the classic game with locations from modern times.

The Sims 3: Of course it was not going to be long before the number one PC game franchise was available for mobile users. Taking advantage of the platform capabilities this game provides all the attraction of the original computer versions along with some interesting surprises.

Tetris: As popular as this game ever was on computer platforms, Tetris is exploding on the mobile phone. Easy to understand and play, yet hard to master, it can monopolize more time than one realizes.

Aquarium Pets: Various iterations of this genre of games exists, however being able to carry around a personal fish tank filled with sea creatures dependent upon ones care and attention seems to be capturing the hearts and minds of more than a few mobile phone game players.

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