How To Jumpstart Your Site Using Social Media

Since social media reached its current status as a major part of most people’s daily lives, there has been a huge amount of buzz about the great new opportunities it creates for marketing. Whether you own a business selling physical products and services or you have an online enterprise or blog to promote, the right social media marketing strategy gives you an excellent means to directly target your chosen audience and engage new prospective customers, clients or readers. Taking a smart approach to using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as local or niche specific social networks, can grow your business or website’s presence exponentially.

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How To Jumpstart Your Site Using Social Media
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Social media doesn’t just give you the ability to have your messages read and your links clicked by lots more people, but also gives you almost limitless ways to interact and engage with people who are interested in what you do. If you are imaginative enough, things you write, post or otherwise create can “go viral”, being shared and reposted by the people who see them again and again and reaching expansive groups of people.


How Can Social Media Help You Promote Your Site?

People who use social media often like to affiliate themselves with or support the brands, businesses and creative endeavours they like. If you market a specific product or range, people who identify with that product will want to connect with it using things like Facebook “likes” or Twitter follows, either because they find it helpful to know about the latest news from the brand or because it serves as part of their personal identity for their wider network to see (for example a musician might “like” Fender guitars or a sporty person might “like” Nike).

No matter how big or small your brand, and no matter whether you are marketing something or simply want people to read what you write, building a network of people who are fans via social media gives you an easily accessible set of people to distribute all your site’s latest news, content and promotions to, and they are always “warm leads” because they have chosen to associate with your online presence.

Here we take a look at how to use the two biggest social media platforms – Facebook and Twitter – as a way to promote your website.

How Marketing Works on Facebook

While you should look to form a social media strategy that encompasses a number of platforms, including any specific to the niche you blog about, the “hub” of most social media presences is their Facebook page. This is because Facebook has the largest user base and is used more frequently by its users than any other social network, and because Facebook allows you to have more permanent information and less chance of your messages being lost in general social noise than Twitter.

The first thing you need is a Facebook page for your business or blog. This shouldn’t be the same as your own personal Facebook page, as it should represent your site, the products you market or the business you represent and should, of course, be accessible to people you don’t know; While on Twitter people routinely connect with strangers, on Facebook most connections are between people who know each other in some context.

Once a Facebook page is set up with your logo and branding and some basic information, which is free to do and only takes a few minutes, you can begin to post updates and seek out people to like your page and start receiving all your posts in their own timelines (the “timeline” is the view of other people’s activity a user sees when they look at Facebook).

You can ask people you already know, current fans and those who subscribe to your site to like your new Facebook page (or you can purchase some targeted Facebook advertising to help get more people to like your page), and as long as you post good, relevant content, you should see them start to like individual posts. When they do this, all of their friends will see it, exposing you to new people. Since it isn’t uncommon for people to have several hundred Facebook friends, this can grow the number of people who know about your site very quickly.

Using Twitter for Promotion

If anything, Twitter is even easier to use than Facebook for promoting a site. A Twitter account is free and quick to set up, and once you have one, all you need to do is start posting “tweets”. A tweet is a message of 140 characters or less, which can include links. Tweets are targeted to certain audiences through the use of “hashtags” (words or phrases preceded by a “#” symbol, for example “#tennis” or “#astrology”). People search on these hashtags to find content that is relevant to them, so including them in your tweets helps you be seen by more people.

As well as finding tweets in searches, people on Twitter “follow” people and brands they are interested in. Much like getting people to like your Facebook page, you want to get the people who read your blog or use your products to follow you on Twitter.

Whether they are your followers or find your tweets in a search, Twitter users can “retweet” or share your tweets to their own followers, which is how you create the viral effect on Twitter.

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