Oh Google, You Make It So Easy For Us

We’ve all been in that situation where we find ourselves struggling to answer a certain question that has been asked, or even had to research a certain query. What’s the answer you ask? Google! We all visit Google when we are in doubt; it’s easy, simple and effective. So why not use it to our advantage? We usually click the first option that comes to us as we believe it’s the most relevant. That is due to SEO, optimizing certain keywords to link to your website.

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Oh Google, You Make It So Easy For Us
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Google Now!
With Google now coming to iOS you can be sure you’ll speed things up as Google thinks before you do! With the ability to voice control what Google searches it makes your day that little easier.  This new feature is now accessible by “swiping upwards” on the “Google Search App” Based on search habits it provides information from traffic in your local area, to weather forecasts for the next month. Highly beneficial if you ask me! This brings “AI” to a whole new level.


How Can I Make Google Now work for me?
Google now uses relevant interests submitted by YOU! To suggest certain information you may be interested in. How is this beneficial to me you may ask, well I’ll tell you. Whether you are on the go constantly or just merely don’t have the time, Google now processes all recommendations and information in real-time. There will be times where you will be shown something that is of no interest to you, removing that interest is as easy as simply swiping it away.

What Else Can Google Do?
As we know, Google is one of the biggest online companies in the world much to the dismay of the SEO industry. Anything you don’t understand? Google it! Looking for something to eat for the whole family? Google it! Looking for that amazing dress for your big day? Google it! I think you catch my drift.

Does Google Know “Too Much?”
This is an important question; they can track our day-to-day habits and can even pin point your exact address based on where you are searching from. I don’t know about you, but in my eyes that’s a little “creepy.” Millions of us on a daily basis give Google more and more information about ourselves without us even realizing  As you can understand, after a while the information begins to stack up. So here’s the question, is our private information actually “private?” Who can say.

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