The Various Ways We Can Now Watch TV Online

Watching TV online is something that’s becoming increasingly popular every day. While slow connection speeds and caution on the part of broadcasters may have slowed the idea down initially, technology is now at a point where it’s actually much easier to find your favorite program online. And at the same time you’ll also benefit from a number of advantages that are unique to watching on the web. You’ll be able to pause your program mid-way through for instance, you’ll be able to record it if you have the right software, and you’ll be able to watch at whatever time suits you.Also Read:
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And as demand for this kind of TV consumption increases, we are of course also seeing more and more devices crop up that make it possible to watch TV on the move or in the comfort of our homes. Read on for some of the best ways we can now watch TV online.



Watching TV on the computer once seemed like a pipe dream but is now so commonplace that we think nothing of it. As long as you have a good connection and a nice display, you can enjoy many of your favourite programs on your computer meaning you don’t actually need a TV all that often (particularly if your machine also has a DVD drive. A big bonus of being able to watch TV on your computer is that it then allows you to watch while you are doing other things. If you’re someone who doesn’t get much time in a day and you want to multitask, then you can catch up with your favourite program on one half of the screen while drawing or entering data on the other.

Better yet is to watch TV on a laptop. With more and more trains and coffee shops having WiFi connections these days, it’s now possible to catch up on your favorite programs while you’re on the move making long journeys much more pleasant. If you have a HDMI port, you can then plug into your TV and enjoy the end of the big screen when you get home.

Tablets and Smartphones

We are now so used to technology being easily portable and light that watching on a laptop doesn’t cut it. If that’s how you find yourself feeling, then perhaps you would be better suited to watching on a tablet computer. A Nexus 7, Surface Pro or iPad will mean that you can prop up your device and watch TV while you’re doing the dishes, or hold it in one hand while vacuuming. This has really changed the way we watch TV and made it constantly and always available.
Games Consoles

Games consoles have also been getting in on the online-TV-action of late, and many have attempted to position themselves as more than mere gaming devices recently. One of the most innovative in this regard is the Wii-U, which makes it possible to actually watch TV on the controller while someone else plays games on the main screen or vice versa.

Stay tuned, because if recent developments are anything to go by, we may well see many more changes in the way we watch TV in future…

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Today’s guest author, Harvey Branson, is a freelance writer. His writing niche is technology. In his opinion, the majority of people would prefer to watch TV online in Canada as the portability and the convenience increases.
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