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Good quality traffic is every network marketer's dream. However, many times, the cost involved in advertising through big search engines halts the marketing process. In such a situation, it is wiser to turn to smaller search engines. They deliver good results but do not impose astounding charges on the businessperson.

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7 Small But Effective Search Engines You Must Know To Excel In PPC
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Following are the 7 Most Important Smaller Search Engines You Must Know To Excel In PPC:

This advertising company reaches out to your target audience through the lesser-known channel. Consequently, you are guaranteed to find fresh audience and a bigger scope for conversion. The company has performance tools that allow the advertiser to know the performance rate of the keywords. Hence, you are able to customize or change those keywords, which are not doing well.

2: Clicksor
Owned by Yesup - an e-commerce solution provider, Clicksor allows you to present your advertisement to the audience based on impressive parameters like the potential customer's operating system, geographical location, time, device, internet service provider, and language.

The company will create a variety of advertisements like graphical banners, text ads, pop-unders, which will be spread over the search engines and websites. The company enables you to increase your ROI by customizing your campaign.

3: 7 Search
It provides a hassle free way of promoting your business online. The company focuses ongetting top-quality traffic by partnering with the various websites, portals, and search engines. Irrespective of your business type, you will find a reliable solution because the company has influence in all domains.
 7Search uses a detection system that ensures that the traffic is genuine.

Moreover, with the Click-Free option, you can bid on a keyword and receive massive inflow. Whenever a user launches a search by typing the keyword, he will be directed to your website straightway. Hence,
 you will be able to get past your competitors whose ads are present in the search results.

4: Adknowledge
Let your PPC campaign be managed by the fourth largest online advertising company. Within your budget, you will get traffic that is meant specifically for your business. You can choose any one or more of the four approaches that Adknowledge offers.

The company uses the social media where your advertisements will do the rounds on the networking sites like Facebook. Through targeting, by way of geography and time, the ads will reach the audience that has the maximum potential to help your business grow.

The next approach includes
 promotion of free apps across all internet channels. You will develop the app and Adknowledge will spread the word using its advanced traffic-targeting techniques.

The third approach will
 put your ads on relevant search engines, social media alerts, and so on.

The last one is the
 email advertising approach where your ad will reach thousands of people through their e-mails. These people will be selected based on their purchase pattern, geographic location, etc. In this way, your ads will be likely to induce response many times more.

5: Adblade
The site provides unique exposure to your advertisement. Although it will be your ad butthey will display it in a way that it would seem like an article. They will place this avatar of your ad on all major websites, which are well known for their good content. Therefore, your brand is bound to receive attention.

You can also bid your ad to be featured on reputed sites like NBC and Fox News. Retargeting is an important feature in online marketing. In case, a user shows interest in your product/brand then Adblade will track him for encouraging conversion.
6: Duck Duck Go
It is a simple search engine, which delivers quick results with controlled spam. Unlike the popular search engines, it does not track its users. This feature has made Duck Duck Go a favorite search engine of many internet users. Your ad will find a prominent place on the result page when a keyword/s relevant to your business is looked up.

You will also be able to garner local traffic through Duck Duck Go, as people prefer this engine for local searches. For instance, if you sell slimming gel and your target location is Illinois then people will find your ad whenever they will type slimming gel IL.

7: Superpages
This website focuses on smaller businesses. Your ad will feature on the online directory called

It will help you get local traffic. Moreover, through this site,
 you will be able to target the customers that use the established search engines like Google. For the advertisement campaign to be successful, you will need to choose a geographic location carefully, and Superpages will smartly expose your brand to the right audience.

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