The newest and latest that technology has to offer is best put to use at sea where accessibility and information are key. Whether you are navigating across an expansive channel and need all the help you can get plotting a clear course or simply looking to hit all the best fishing spots with your buddies, the latest in boating technology has the perfect apps or gadgets for you.
Boats are now built better and faster than they used to be, giving you every advantage possible to enjoy you time at sea. A lot of this innovative technology has also given rise to other boating tools and gadgets designed to make your time away just as comfortable as you are on land.
Weather checks
Haven’t had time to monitor the weather and look up weather forecasts for your trip? You can now do it on the move by downloading apps like Boating Weather in iPhones or iPod Touch. It is fast and can load your results in seconds. It gets its marine forecast from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for your location and allows you to access it with just a tap.
Engine advancements
Some of the best technological advancements in boat engineering has given rise to lighter, greener and more spacious boats, making them kid friendly and ideal for family getaways too. Looking into the advancements in engine technology, you’ll find it making lightening progress.
For instance, modern out-board boat motors are built to adhere to stricter emission control regulations, assure fuel efficiency and ensure better engine cooling systems. Alternator outputs too have been designed to support more electronics onboard by using idle charging systems.
Boaters Checklist GPS
This system is excellent for documenting exact locations. So you no longer have to plot and track your favourite fishing spots meticulously – you can just access it from your iPhone.
Eco friendly innovations
With many boaters displaying an interest in greener technology, many exhibitors at boat shows have proven their conservationist vision by designing greener boats.
From using high grade, corrosion resistant materials for the exteriors to advanced thermal designs and propane powered engines, a string of eco friendly installations have been developed to make boating a more environment friendly adventure.
Friend Mapper
This app allows to track the nautical movements of 23 other fellow boaters. It doesn’t run in the background though and needs to be open to track locations.
Digitalisation and computerization of controls
This is probably the biggest advancement in boating technology to make navigation easier and to centralise controls. The multifunction display (MFD) has brought together the chart plotter, radar and instrument repeater technology, making navigation under sail much safer and simpler.
Automatic Identification System (AIS)
This system was previously employed only by military or commercial vessels, but has since been incorporated in recreational vessels as well. It allows you to share data and information with other vessels in the vicinity, and aids in collision prevention, especially in high traffic areas during compromised visibility.
Other improvements like reliable roller furling, electric winches and even better refrigeration provisions have improved modern boating.
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