Effective Benefits Of Mobile Marketing For Bloggers

Here are a few quick
stats as of August 2013: Between 2011 and 2012, searches made through
mobile phones increased fourfold.

Around 70% searches result in instant conversion. A little more than 40% of the
traffic that reached your blog through mobile phone will not return to it if
they found browsing difficult. Almost 60% mobile users actually like ads on
their phones.

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We would understand if most of the readers of this article left us at this
point – to tap into the ever growing mobile phone market – because the
statistics are quite self-explanatory. If you are using your blog to sell
stuff, and if you have not been living under a rock, then a responsive theme
has already replaced the earlier one and you have made an effort to design apps
for your visitors. Mobile marketing is here to stay and with the pace of life
growing more and more hectic with almost each passing day, it literally pays to
understand the benefits of mobile marketing for bloggers or businesses in
general – if you are willing to act on it.

The first bit of statistics clearly shows how important your mobile visitors
are, and here’s something else to think about: in 2012, 50% of total purchases
on Mother’s Day was conducted via mobile phone – and these were all online
purchases. Just for inspiration: set up a blog on a theme – on some kind of
‘Day’ a couple of months before it is due and promote the heck out of it
concentrating at least half on drawing mobile phone users. Okay, that was rather
simplistic, but not entirely absurd either.

About the data regarding conversion, mobile users thrive on instant action,
instant results and overall spontaneity of it all. There’s a lot of power
involved in taking a little device out of your pocket (unless it is in your
hand already) and making a purchase decision within minutes, while commuting,
perhaps, or having lunch. The world shrunk inside your palm in a shiny little
gadget demands that you do it NOW instead of later, because you’d be missing the
point if you wait. Might as well sit at your primitive computer (even if it is
the latest Haswell powered iMac) and mull over it, then. Conversion is where
the money is, and if you don’t cash in on this aspect of mobile marketing, why
on earth are you blogging for profit?

That thing about grouchy visitors not returning to your blog ought to tune you
in to the importance of having a mobile compatible blog. Apart from the
responsive theme, the apps are where it’s at. They build your brand and make
you stand out. You look important even if you are not (but rest assured, you
soon will be). There are a number of different ways to adapt to mobile
marketing, and you should make sure you adapt sooner than you think you can.

Mobile ads are relatively new, and you might want to think about jumping on the
bandwagon before it gets too late. Everyone likes a good ad, and no one likes
spam. Before the boundary between the two blur for mobile users, cash in on the
novelty. You can reach targeted customers like never before – not in the sense
that you know who will buy, but because you know you are reaching them. On a
computer browsed Internet, there’s no telling who will click on your ad and
what they have in mind. We have a strong suspicion that ads for lingerie that display
strategic parts of a model’s body get more clicks for the sheer (ahem!)
aesthetic appeal than because of an intent of purchase. 

Going by the conversion
rate of mobile users, the aesthetics could very well translate into sales. In
any case, you are normally willing to spend less time on idle browsing (by
clicking on appealing ads with no intention of buying, for instance) when you
are speed-surfing on a mobile than when you are sitting comfy at your desk. We
don’t exactly have the statistics to support our suspicion, but you know we are
right, right?

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Hopefully, by this time you are already more than convinced about the benefits
of mobile marketing for bloggers. Here’s a final bit of insight which ought to
appeal to your blogging instincts specifically. Doesn’t it feel great to have
comments coming in soon after you publish a post? This is true whether or not
your real reason for blogging is marketing. When you write a post, it feels to
good to have readers – as soon as possible. 

At least your subscribers will know
instantly that you have updated, and the response time will be severely cut
down. Sure beats getting to know about your recent post while checking emails
at the end of the day. Now think back to where we talked about conversion, and
that would dispel any lingering doubts (not that you had any) about the
advantages of mobile marketing that you can reap as a blogger.
 Bernard Naylor
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Bernard Naylor is an Online Manager for Wall Written which specializes in designing beautiful wall quotes, bathroom quotes, vinyl wall words and artistic vinyl decals – perfect for use in your home, apartment, and office decor. Bernard likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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