Apple’s resent release of the IPhone 5S and
Android’s release of 4.3, renewed the debate on which system is better. Five
areas of comparison are below, in no specific order.

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Android or Iphone? The Big Debate: 5 Ways To Figure Out What Will Work Best
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Hands Free/Personalization

The introduction of Siri by Apple
revolutionized user interaction with the device, and Siri came with a sense of
humor which is always a plus. Apple’s release of iOS7 added many new voice
controls, including common functions. Android is quickly improving their voice
interface but still require longer command lines to do simple functions. While
IPhone has a distinct advantage in voice controls, the ability to personalize
your IPhone is limited when compared to Android. This limitation can be removed
by running a jailbreak program on the IPhone. Advantage: IPhon.


When it comes to media playback and
handling no Android device can hold a candle to Apple. Not only does Apple’s
IPhone handle media, but Apple also has the proven track record of the many
IPod generations, making the switch from an IPod to IPhone simple and easy.
Android does have Google Music and Google’s backing to quickly develop and
release updates, but the clunky system is still difficult to navigate.
Android’s system does have an easier media backup and can natively playback
more file types. Advantage: IPhone

Social Networking

In today’s world Facebook and Twitter
integration is a necessity in a mobile device, and could be a deciding factor
on which type device you purchase. Both have great applications to access
Facebook and Twitter. Android allows a bit more flexibility with native file
sharing between multiple applications. Advantage: Android


The camera ability and function of the
IPhone has always been leaders in the industry and with the new IPhone 5S, you
now have the ability to take slow motion video. Apple’s native camera
application and photo management were well thought out and easy to operate.
Advantage: IPhone


Android’s tasks screen shows a list of
applications, in a vertical list, with previews of the last operation, recent
texts, pictures, Facebook or twitter entries. Not to be out done, Apple’s tasks
list works the same way with the exception of displaying tasks horizontal. Both
OS’s have ‘features’ when switching between applications of refreshing the
particular page to its original state. Both Apple and high-end Android devices
sport dual-core processors, with more Android devices moving to quad-core.
Advantage: Android

the camera is your top need in a phone, the functionality between IPhone and
Android are pretty much even; so choosing between the two comes down to
personal preference. Android does have more function flexibility, but this can
be overcome by an IPhone Jailbreak. If you’re deciding, “should I jailbreak my Iphone?”, remember that if
you have to reset your IPhone via ITunes, you will lose the Jailbreak and have
to do it all over again. Take your pick IPhone or Android and have fun.

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