Google Helpouts: Get Real Help in Real Time

Google has recently launched its new great service called ‘Helpouts’, I think this is really awesome, this great service gives you to seek all your problems in real time with real people, With helpout you can easily search for your help, it also allows you to connect with other people who are willing to help.

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Google Helpouts: Get Real Help in Real Time
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With helpouts you can get help from other peoples in real time by choosing your problem across a range of topics like computers, games, gadget, apple products, laptops, guitar trainer, personal trainers etc.


To get started just select your topic from the left and then choose the person to get help based on their qualifications, availability, ratings and reviews. Now if you wish you can start the helpouts from the right if you see the green button on your right side of the screen or you can schedule it for later when the person will be available to help you.

With helpouts you can easily get help or you can give your help to other people also by giving your own helpouts. There are so many helpouts, some are free and some other are paid so you will have to pay for some helpouts if there is a price to get help. You can use Google wallet to pay your helpouts fee very easily.

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