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To avoid security risk and protect privacy, VPN is must to have while browsing on internet.  There are lots of Android mobiles are being available in the market and at the same time apps are developed and released by Android app developers every day.  Privacy and security, while browsing through Mobile, are becoming more and more important. There are different reasons why anyone wants to browse like data security, view blocked websites or may be some doesn’t want to reveal their ip-addresses.

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Top 5 Free VPN Apps for Android
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To generate below list I have downloaded free VPN apps one by one in my Android device and checked how it works. Below ranking is based on my personal review. I have also conducted speedtest in my device to compare different VPN app.  Below are the top free VPN services available for Android.

1. Hotspot Shield VPN:
Hotspot shield comes in top of the list. It is totally free with unlimited browsing, very easy user interface, One click connect to VPN server. For free version, you cannot pick server of your choice to connect. There is also paid version available, where you will have choice for selecting server, advertisement free version and Multi-Platform support.

Google play Rating: 4.1 (76,383)
I have connected to VPN and TraceMyIP shows (Canada) – For free version it connects to random server but mine was connected to Canada. Speed test shows Download speed 1.67 Mbps and Upload speed 1.72 Mbps.

2. Hide Ninja:
HideNinja is free VPN service without any limit in browsing date. It has few free different server choices to connect but none of them is in USA. You can have pro version which has lot more choices of servers. Also upgrading to pro version requires just one time fee.

Google play Rating: 4.4 (3,658)
I have selected one of their servers in Italy and TraceMyIP shows (Italy). Speed test shows Download speed 0.65 Mbps and Upload speed 0.77 Mbps.

I have also selected one of their servers in Netherlands to see how it works. TraceMyIP shows (Netherlands). Speed test shows Download speed 0.64 Mbps and Upload speed 1.08 Mbps.

3. Spotflux:
Spotflux is free VPN app without any browsing limit. It does not provide any server selection to connect. So you need to rely on only Automatic connection. Spotflux also provide paid version where you have bandwidth saving option, Which can be helpful to save you data plan. Paid version also provide malware removal.

Google play Rating: 4.5 (799)
I have connected to VPN and TraceMyIP shows (Virginia, United States). Speed test shows Download speed 0.67 Mbps and Upload speed 0.72 Mbps.

4. Droid VPN:
DroidVPN is totally free with 100 MB/day of limit. It also requires you to register with Droid VPN to use its service. The main benefit of the Droid VPN is it has list of free servers to connect from different countries. If you have to access only limited data daily then Droid VPN would be your best bet. Droid VPN also provides paid service where you can connect to more servers and remove limit of 100MB/Day.

Google play Rating: 4.2 (6,329)
I have selected one of their servers in Italy and TraceMyIP shows (Prometeus Di Daniela Agro, Italy). Speed test shows Download speed 0.73 Mbps and Upload speed 2.67 Mbps.
I have also selected one of their servers in USA to see how it works for server in USA and TraceMyIP shows (Newark, New Jersey, USA). Speed test shows Download speed 0.67 Mbps and Upload speed 0.72 Mbps.

5. Hideman VPN:
Hideman VPN is free VPN service with 5 Hrs/Week for browsing. Also, it has few different choices of servers to connect. But you can have paid version to remove the limit and access additional server location.

Google play Rating: 4.4 (15,475)
I have selected Automatic server and TraceMyIP shows (United Kingdom). Speed test shows Download speed 2.63 Mbps and Upload speed 0.94 Mbps.

I have also selected one of their servers in US to see how it works and TraceMyIP shows (California, US). Speed test shows Download speed 1.61 Mbps and Upload speed 0.88 Mbps.

Above list is totally based on my review, you can choose one of them whichever fits with your requirement and data usage. Please feel free to suggest any other VPN apps in the comments.
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