Microsite marketing is a brilliant way to spread word about your business on the World Wide Web. A typical microsite concentrates on a narrow topic or issue, featuring rich content developed to inform people more about a particular brand. Big companies often use this strategy to drive more attention to particular products in their menus. Let us have a closer look at various ways through which you can make the most of a microsite in your content marketing program.

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Golden Nuggets On How To Get The Best Result From Micro Sites
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How to make the most of a microsite

Tip One: Focus is extremely important
A microsite should be marketed and branded in a focused manner that easily draws attention to the specific product or service being offered. You want to stick to a design-layout strategy that will make the product or service more identifiable while keeping harmony with print materials, TV ads and other media. You can design your microsite to resemble the parent site if you want the product you’re marketing to be associated with your existing reputation. Else, you can choose to create a unique experience for a particular product or service by branding differently from your parent site. This second option is popular among designers because of the potential for creativity.

Tip Two: Gamification makes it more interactive
Microsites are fantastic platforms to allow your visitors to interact with your material; gamification is all about that. If you’re not familiar with the term gamification it’s a simple concept of applying game-design thinking to make your microsite fun and more engaging. When you combine your microsite with a focused design, you’ll build something that entertains your visitors and gets them to spend more time on your site – a win-win situation for them and for you. Just do a brief survey of your visitors and find out what they would like added to your site – it could be a simple tool such as a BMI calculator or a simple Puzzle game.

Tip Three: Creativity never stops
Online marketing competition is growing by the day. It goes without saying that one has to be extremely creative to remain on top of their game. In short creativity in microsite marketing never stops. Why not post some deeply immersive stories that make your readers experience some emotion when they visit your site? Or you could place some small contests which you can use to reward some of your bona fide visitors – there are endless creative concepts that you can employ to win everyone’s attention. People will gradually start liking your microsite when they notice that they can always find something unique on it. It’s all about thinking outside the box nowadays.

Tip Four: Get useful
People everywhere are looking for value. Value for money, value for time spent and value for effort. The writing is clear on the wall. You have to make your site useful to your audience or else no one will even care that it exists. There are more than 1001 ways to make your microsite useful. For instance, about 95% of internet users are looking for information. Be sure to feed their hunger for information by providing them with fresh, well-researched and well-presented content. Aside from that people want to find answers to their questions. Be sure to respond to their questions a promptly and as wisely as possible. The moment people notice that they can bank on you to get some value; they’re definitely going to be regular visitors. And what’s more they’re going to refer their friends to you.

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Tip Five: Get social
Social media is a big wave that has swept across all remote corners of the world. This is the best platform to get a significant portion of traffic to your microsite. Be sure to include links to popular social media platforms – the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – on your microsite. Market the site on social media just as you would any other site or blog. Remember, the more social media attention you manage to grab the greater the traffic you’ll receive and definitely the bigger your fortunes will get. It’s that simple.

Bottom line on microsites
Microsites can be a fantastic way to expand your marketing presence on the web. You however need to follow these five tips to the letter to make the most of this marketing channel.

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