Green Home Technology: 5 Tech Updates To Reduce Resource Use

Home automation and green home technology are reducing energy use and saving resources all across the nation. Comfort, security, and conservation all work together when you plan appropriately and utilize green technology in your house. Here are five great ways to save money and help save the planet at the same time.

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Green Home Technology: 5 Tech Updates To Reduce Resource Use
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1. LEDs
Light Emitting Diodes are superior to old light bulbs in practically every way. They produce less waste heat, which means that they take less electricity to make the same amount of light, and they do not force the air conditioner work overtime. Since each LED is made up of tens or even hundreds of tiny lights, it is easy to tune each individual diode to produce a slightly different frequency. This simulates natural sunlight, eases strain on the eyes, and saves electricity at the same time.


2. Reactive Thermostats
A thermostat that can power down when there is no one in the home can save a lot of energy and money on the heating bills. While these kinds of thermostat systems can cost more at installation than some others, they generally make up for it in energy and energy bill savings.

3. Automatic Lighting
Lights that react to occupants save electricity and improve security. Not only can the occupant program the lights to turn off during the day, but motion sensors provide a level of efficiency as well as security. The system can automatically turn off lights when someone leaves the room and alert the homeowner to possible intruders by turning on when a person enters an area.

4. Window Shutters And Screens
Computer controlled window shutters that open and close themselves depending on the hour of day are one of the best ways to shave dollars off of an electricity bill. Windows are wonderful for letting light in, but they are not good at keeping heat in. Automatic screens and shutters will unroll or swing shut in the evening, securing the home and keeping the warmth inside. In the morning they will open to let in the light of the sun and heat up the house with natural solar energy.

5. Adaptation To Weather
There are security companies such as Vivint Home Security that can provide systems with a built in weather alert feature. Such a feature connects the home controls directly to the national weather service, allowing the house to prepare and adapt to changing conditions. Shutters prevent broken windows, which saves raw materials and resource usage as well. A Macon GA security professional has suggested that although this is most important with the climactic emergencies such as tornadoes or hurricanes, responsive shutters save energy even in moderate storms and temperature shifts.

Intelligent use of modern green technology is as good for your home as it is for your biome. When you invest in green tech updates and everyone prospers.

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