Social Media Strategies You Can’t Ignore

The Social Media Buzz
Social media is not only about sharing content and making friends but it includes of efforts and initiatives of any company or individual to engage potential customers who end up in buying the end product.

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Social Media Strategies You Can’t Ignore
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Analysts have already determined that the usage of social media is established as one of the strongest pillars of SEO in the year 2013. With SEO jobs flourishing in the market, professionals are becoming proficient in efficiently using all the possible channels of social media to spread their message on a platform where the customers are found the most.


So let us walk through the various aspects of Social Media that a SEO professional would focus on while strategizing an impactful plan for attracting maximum customers.

Interaction in the Key – Any online strategy can only be effective if more and more people know about your brand. For this, the one vital solution is to interact and stay connected. Take it as a conversation which starts when you put your message on various social media channels and the potential customers start responding. It is very important to reply them which will not only ensure that their queries have been resolved but will also make them feel that as a company you care. If you are an employed professional it is your responsibility to make sure that you are creating a positive image of your brand in the eyes of the customers. Share content which is of high value and depicting the quality of your brand with your replying to discussions and retweeting. This strategy also helps in engaging customers and making them come back.

Building a Brand Image – As a professional it is important that you know how to place your brand on the social media. Being a great platform to build your brand, social media channels will enable you to develop positive word of mouth which would get you customers, links and mentions. Make sure that your username and URL, both are linked to your specific business name. Also any profile names and descriptions should be linked to the site and branded. The look and feel of the site will also contribute in creating a positive perception about your brand. Ensure that the content used is highly professional and conveys voice of the brand. It is important to share information which is relevant and appropriate for the customers.

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Know your target Audience – It is good that you have decided to use all the possible social media channels but you should also be well aware about how your potential customers are segmented on these channels. For example, are your target audience Facebook addicts or mostly the Twitter’s. To have a plan and then proceed with formulating the right set of strategies will prove to be most beneficial for you. Additionally, if you are reaching your potential customers chances are that they might not only be getting engaged themselves, but will further spread it to their contacts by sharing your content on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest.

Google + is the future Social Media Whiz
Facebook and Twitter are there, but the one channel which is emerging as a winning star these days, its Google +. Any SEO professional would agree to this fact that from a pure SEO perspective, Google + is one place where any you can’t miss to have your presence.  One of the biggest reasons is that search results from Facebook or Twitter gets restricted many times, which is not the case with Google+. Therefore, make sure you are connected to this channel and building your audience here as well. Google+ network has a lot of weight so ensure that the Google + icon is definitely there to share and link your content.

Other than the social media, content and link building are two other pillars of an effective SEO implementation which would fetch you great results. SEO professionals understand that managing all these channels is not an easy task; however, if you efficiently manage all these pillars, a high ranking of your site is definitely assured. SEO jobs will entail several other responsibilities, but focusing on the social media in a world today where people are spending more time online than other media channels, the above mentioned strategies will prove to be extremely fruitful.

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