When you buy a new iPhone 5s, you want your device to stay beautiful for as long as possible. The last thing you want to happen is for the screen, casing, or buttons to become scratched or cracked because of neglect or a random accident. Despite the fact that Apple designs their products to withstand a variety of stresses, there is only so much that the manufacturer can do to protect the iPhone 5s against scratches and other types of damage. At the end of the day, after you buy the product it is up to you to make sure you handle and treat your technology in such a way that you minimize the risk. Here are a few quick points that will help you get the most out of your smartphone without constantly feeling anxious about causing damage.

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Enjoy Your New iPhone 5s Without Worrying About Scratches
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Guard the Touchscreen With a Plastic Protector

One of the least expensive ways to reduce the chances of your screen being cracked or scratched is to purchase and install a thin, plastic screen protector. This type of defense against damage is barely noticeable and perfectly matches the shape of your smartphone. If the thin plastic is applied correctly, it will fit snugly against the touchscreen and won’t get in the way of normal usage. If you are interested in following this tip in the least expensive way possible, you can purchase the plastic for less than ten dollars and go through the trouble of installing it yourself. However, this may lead to air bubbles and debris such as dirt, dust, and hair becoming trapped between the plastic and the touchscreen.

Depending on the quality of the plastic, it may also peel around the edges in an unsightly manner. Investing in a higher quality protector and getting it installed by an experienced repair outfit, such as PineappleRepairs.ca, will ensure that you are protected from iPhone 5s scratches while maintaining the good looks of your brand new smartphone.

Get a Smartphone Holster

Some of the most common causes of scratches and cracks on an iPhone 5s are unexpected falls and accidental drops. While the phone is designed to withstand occasional, unforeseen accidents, it is nonetheless vulnerable to damage, especially when it plummets from heights above a few feet, gets knocked out of your hand, or lands directly on the screen. Holsters are a great way to avoid worrying whether or not the device will be crushed if you forget that your smartphone is in your back pocket, slips out of your hand, or just plain falls out of an unsecured jacket pocket. At the workplace, you also enjoy the advantage of knowing exactly where to find your smartphone, especially if you need to access it frequently. The only downside of a holster is the fact that your new iPhone 5s is on display, so make sure to fasten it tightly and be aware of shady people who look like they may wish to snatch it off your belt.

A Case That Matches Your Lifestyle

With every new iPhone 5s that rolls off an assembly line, there are countless manufacturers rushing to create an assortment of cases that match the needs and lifestyles of the many different types of people who love Apple products. Soft cases tend to be made of rubber, provide an excellent grip that prevents the smartphone from slipping out of your hand, and offer good protection against damage from drops or small items striking the device.

They are among the lightest cases available, fit easily into your pocket, and are especially appropriate for users who do not lead demanding lifestyles or engage in intense, physical work. Hard cases are a mix of tougher plastics and may also contain rubber. Typically, hard cases are larger, thicker, and provide the best protection against iPhone 5s scratches due to falls and heavy items striking the phone.

The third type of casing resembles a book cover. These types of cases resemble the protection that e-readers employ, with a back cover and a front cover that fold like the cover of a novel. One nice benefit of book-style cases is the fact that they reduce the need to install the thin, plastic screen protector mentioned earlier. Due to the popularity of the iPhone 5s, all these cases come in different colors, shapes, designs, and sizes to match your aesthetic preferences. You can decorate them with stickers or shiny sequins if you wish to further personalize the look of your iPhone 5s. Some companies allow you to design your case from scratch, including materials and color, even letting you etch or print a picture or your favorite pattern on the case itself.

Developing smart behaviors when you first start handling your smartphone will minimize the occurrence of iPhone 5s scratches, cracks, and other damage. Keeping sharp or heavy items away from the device and out of the pockets that hold your smartphone is a good start. During the rare moments when you put the iPhone 5s down, keeping it away from ledges and liquids is another smart move.

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The folks at PineappleRepairs.ca suggest a variety of measures, such as screen protectors, cases, and holsters, for the occasions when the safety of the smartphone slips your mind and an accident occurs. You can’t always predict what will happen, but following all these tips will help extend the life of your iPhone 5s, keeping it pretty and maintaining its resale value, all without causing excessive anxiety and worry about the fate of your brand new purchase.

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