Remote Operations Grow Alongside the Hosting Industry

Web hosting cloud takes a whole new turn if more and more workforces decide to go remote. The possibility and acceptance of this were reflected in 2013 when executives at Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard were criticized for questioning their companies’ policy of letting employees work from home. The idea that these tech giants are challenging an idea that many in the tech sector are looking at was ironic.

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Remote Operations Grow Alongside the Hosting Industry
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There have always been employees that worked from home for some reason or another. With the advancements in hosting services, the model of the remote workforce is becoming a feasible option. This is especially true in the technology industry where the possibilities of remote operation and cloud services are part of the daily routine.


The Remote Working Landscape
The Internet has broadened business communications on every level. As it becomes harder to find solid candidates to fill positions, employers are realizing flexibility may be needed. To get the best talent they may be willing to allow some, if not all, operations to be performed from a remote location, especially if the best talent sits outside the commutable radius. Platforms like video conferences, email, and social media are making it easier to stay in touch with multiple corners of the world. Even Google has entered the arena with its Google+ Hangout, giving up to 10 people the chance to video conference from anywhere, and it’s free.

In the expanding field of web hosting and the cloud, companies are actually coming to expect employees to spend less time at the office. Web host services have made many positions, such as sales and support, remote. The idea of micromanagement and having participants centralized is slowly taking a back seat to using the most unique and innovative technologies that allow the recruitment of the best talent from as many places as possible. Of course, working remotely is not a viable option for everyone and every industry. Where it does work, the employer greatly expands its talent pool.

What Keeps it Viable?
What is going to be critical about remote workforces will always be trusted. Employers will have to hire the best talent and utilize the best processes and know that everyone and everything will do what it is supposed to do. Managers and supervisors will need to trust their people. Fortunately, there are management solutions that track projects from concept to completion.

They allow participants to stay in touch remotely, informing, scheduling and updating the team on all aspects of a project. This will alleviate a need to talk to everyone and see what they’re doing all the time, which is the convenience of having everyone in the office.

In regards to the executives at Hewlett-Packard and Yahoo, critics weren’t taking into account these companies were looking to reevaluate their practices and policies and getting everyone in one place at the same time was a step toward reinventing themselves. Still, regardless of their directions, with the expanding advancements of the cloud and web hosting, remote workforces are likely to continue growing. There are already office-less businesses with entire staffs operating remotely. As the recruitment advantages and technological solutions move forward, the average cubicle could become the same place where we sleep and watch television.

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