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Cases are one of the most popular iPhone accessories, and one of the most frequently requested is the weatherproof variety.

Because the iPhone is not especially water resistant, the need for a weatherproof case is high. While the iPhone is an amazing phone with amazing capabilities, like other sophisticated electronics, it is vulnerable to the elements.

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Weather Resistant iPhone Cases
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If you ever have to use your iPhone in the rain, or simply want to protect it from the outside world as much as possible, you will likely want to purchase a case of the weatherproof variety. Outdoorsmen and those who use the iPhone on the job in inclement weather conditions, such as building contractors, will particularly find such a case to be particularly invaluable.

If you have looked in the marketplace for weatherproof iPhone cases, however, you may have noticed that some of them are bulky and even downright unattractive.

While this may be the case with many weather resistant iPhone cases, it isn't true for all of them. For example, the case from the OtterBox Defender series is smart and rugged and will protect your iPhone From the harshness of Mother Nature.

In addition, it will allow you to access all of the features of your iPhone, including taking pictures, while providing the best in weather resistant technology. The only feature that you do not have access to is the silence switch on the iPhone, so you must silence it before you place it into the case if you need to do so.

One thing you want to look for in choosing a case is that your model of iPhone, whether it be the iPhone 4 or an earlier model, will fit into it. You may want to look for one, such as the OtterBox, which allows full interaction with the iPhone screen even while protecting it. The OtterBox allows this with a unique patented membrane.

When you drop your phone you're scared to even look at it out of fear that the screen will be cracked or the phone will be rendered nonfunctional. A silicone shield will help to alleviate some of this fear.

A nice feature of the OtterBox is that it is completely wrapped in silicone, which has two important advantages. First, it allows you to get a better grip on your iPhone so that you are less likely to drop it. Secondly, if it should still be dropped, the silicone will provide a layer of protection.

The Water Resistant Pelican i1015 Black Case With Clear Lid For iPhone, while quite a bit bulkier than the OtterBox, and far too much so to comfortably carry in most situations, can come in handy if you spend time kayaking or in other activities near the water.

The case works well when used with water resistant headphones and it will survive all of the minor soaking or splashes it may receive. It can conveniently clip onto your vest or shorts with no worries when a splash gives you a bit of a soaking. The only problem is that you must open the front of the case in order to make a phone call or to use any of the other features.

Stepping things up a notch, the Aquapac Handheld Case for iPhone is fully waterproof to a depth of 15 feet and will keep your iPhone clean and dry in many harsh conditions. The seal helps to keep out dirt, dust and sand, while the tough, waterproof plastic sheath holds everything together. It comes with a carrying cord and allows the iPhone to be used while in the case through the special window, even to place and receive phone calls, although the microphone sensitivity will be somewhat reduced.

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All in all, I recommend the OtterBox as the most convenient, all-purpose iPhone case, the Pelican i1015 for water sports, and the Aquapac Handheld Case for iPhone for the greatest protection under extreme conditions.
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