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With advertising space in overdrive over Christmas and New Year promoting children’s toys, the latest technology and big brands battling it out, we look at whether commercials are still as effective as they used to be.
Will Commercial Advertising Still Be Effective in 2014?
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In terms of getting the brand ‘out-there’, advertisements are one of the best ways to showcase your brand. Cost effectiveness might be where the commercials fall down though. TV adverts can be extremely expensive at certain times and on certain channels, with very little influence at times.
There is no denying advertisements effectiveness when they include great content. Some of the most memorable adverts include Cadbury’s Gorilla playing the drums and the annual Coca Cola advert around Christmas time. Very simple ideas, but yet people remember them. The Cadbury advert has very little relevance to the product they are promoting, but because people remember it, it is great for brand awareness.

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Commercials have between 30 seconds to 3 minutes to engage, entertain and promote their message, which isn’t long at all to explain what your brand is about. Commercial strategies doesn’t just mean a video promoting a product, it can be anything from a moodboard or storyboard through to an animation with voiceovers.

One company that know only too well about commercials is Hub.TV, who has provided commercial strategies for companies that include Doritos, Xbox 360 and Budweiser. Hub.TV believe that commercials are still as effective as ever, especially with the introduction of better quality visuals like 3D and 4k HD. They said, “People enjoy visuals and with better quality visuals and creative ideas, a great campaign can be achieved.

The TV advertising arena is a cluttered one which shows it is still very popular. In fact, many companies invest in commercial marketing more now than they ever have.”

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Effectiveness is crucial when considering investment, and commercials, when done right, can be extremely influential on its audience. Content is king though and you are more likely to enjoy a successful campaign if the content is engaging, informative and does it’s best to be as less promotional as possible – which is easier said than done.

When asking are commercials still effective; the answer is still YES. Why? Because videos and visuals are more popular than ever, so visual advertisements are in for a bright future.
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