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Using images in our posts is always very important, adding a good quality image into your posts can easily increase post appearance on social media and search engines. If you know that which type of image would be perfect for your post which can describe your posts easily that’s really good when you choose an image like that for your post.

There are many blogger and website owners who really don’t care about images which they use in their posts. But it’s really important if you want a better result from your published post on social media and search engine.

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Tips to Use Images in Your Blog Posts: How it Can Better Your Page Exposure
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There are things which you should take care when using images into your blog posts.

1- Quality of the image: It’s really important that you use a good quality image into your post, a good quality image is more eye catching than any other low quality image. A good image easily makes people to see at your post if the image is good in quality and has a picture which describes you’re your post that what it is all about. You can use many free image hosting websites like Flicker and Getty images these are some of the most popular image hosting websites which you can use to get relevant quality image for your blog posts.

2- Size of the image: The size of the images is also very important which you use in your posts. Try to find a size of your image which is just perfect for your post pages. You can use image size according to your page width or if you use blogger then you can simply choose from four different sizes according to your need or you can manually adjust its width and height just by editing the HTML section of the post. If you are using Flicker to download images then I will suggest you to download medium size image which is a perfect size for you post.

3-    Always use Insert Image option: You should always insert an image into your post using the insert image option in your blogger blog. It's because when you don't use the insert image option or you simply copy and paste or when you insert image by drag and drop from another website into your post then it might create a problem on your blog appearance. Some time in blogger when you choose to show 5 or 6 posts on your home page, then your blog home page shows only one post and then you think why this is happening? It's because when you insert an image into your posts without using the insert image option, then it increases the size of your image and that's why your blog shows only one post on your home page.

4-   Use Alt and title tags: Using alt and title tags in your image is also very important as it helps search engines to find relevant images on your blog post when you a user search for an image on Google. A good alt tags can easily describe about your image and it also provides additional details to search engines like Google to better understand about your blog images. In blogger, you can simply add alt-tags, just add an image into your post by using the insert image option now click on the image and go to properties now inter alt tags and title tags there. You can find more information on using alt and title tags here.
Use Alt and title tags

5- Always use CC license Images: You can easily use any image in your post, You can download any image for your blog post from Flicker or any other image hosting website, you can use CC (Creative Common) images in your post. You can easily find and download CC licensed images from flicker and Getty images, to get CC images on Flicker just to go the site and search for your image and you will get so many images related to your search, now click on ''Advance Search'' option on the top right site of the page, now scroll down the page and you will get option for Creative Common images, now check the first two boxes and click search and it will search Creative Common images for you, if available.
Use CC license Images
Also, if you use an image that you have downloaded from any other website then you must give credit to that website by adding captions in your image. To add caption just click on the image that you have inserted into your post and click add captions. You can also add this at the end of the post just by writing this ''Image Credit'' to website name or URL, you can add the website link also by adding a No-Follow attributes you can review my post to check how i use images and give credits in my post.

6-   Share your images on social media: after creating and publishing your post on our blog, we simply promote our posts on social media by sharing our post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest etc. But important thing is how you share your posts on these social network sites? you can just go to any of these site and put your post URL there and that's it your post is shared on social media no, you should do this in a better ways, always use a good image for sharing on social media sites with your post, today every social media site provides image upload option with the content.

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Now twitter has also added the image upload option so people can upload an image with their tweet. Trust me some time people don't read a single word of the shared content but they click the link button or share your post because of the image, it's my personal experience too that some time when i see an image which is very good in quality and has a good picture i really don't care about the content but hit the like button and i simply share the image on my profile too. You can see the response on one of my previous post on Google plus below.

It's only up to you that how you use images on your blog posts, but try to consider using the good quality images, it helps people to easily catch your post on social media. You can use all the tips i have mentioned above, which will surely increase your post exposure on search engines and social media sites.

Feel free to leave your feedback, we love to hear from you, if you have any thing to ask just leave it in the comments below.
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