Google plus is now one of the most popular and very fast growing social network site on the internet. I really love Google plus, actually I love everything about Google. There are so many social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Which you can use to share your post after publishing the post on your website, but the good thing about Google plus is, its communities and this is what, we don’t get in any other social networking sites.

I really like Google plus communities, as it helps boost my post on Google plus and the best things about Google plus communities is, that you can simply find and join any communities in your niche, and then you can simply start sharing your posts there, so other people easily find your posts in that community, and when you share any post on a relevant community, then it increases the chance that members of that community will surely read your post because they all are related to the same community.

Top Tech Google Plus Communities

If you search for any community on Google plus in your niche, you will get so many communities on a particular topic, but not all of them are as much popular as you want to share your posts, so it’s really important that you choose the right community which is already popular and have the maximum number of members in the community.

1- Tech News: This very popular tech community on Google plus, created by ‘’The Next Web’’ which is a Leading technology blog covering all the technology news from the United States. The community is very popular as it has about 1,25,000+ active members in the community. Who share, read, like and leave comments on the posts shared in the community. I will suggest you to join and share your post on this community if you have a tech related website or blog.

2- Tech, Security & Social Networks: This is also one of the top tech community on Google plus, created by AOK Marketing. This community talks about ‘’Technology, Security, Privacy and Social Networking’’ in Today’s World.  This community also has about 51,000+ active members in the community. So it could be a better place for you to share your content in this community. You can simply follow this community or you can share your post there.

3- Tech & Coffee: This community talks about ‘’Technology and the Caffeine’’ that keeps you going. It has more than 30,000 active members in the community. The community is created by Tech & Coffee.

4- Future Technology: This is also one of the popular tech community on Google plus. The community is created by ‘’The Electric Heads’’. The community has more than 37,000+ active members in the community. You can follow the community to get the latest updates or you can simply share your content there.

5- Funny Technology: This community has more than 31,000+ active members in the community. The community talks about technology and all the fun which technology has. To share your posts on this community just Join the community and start sharing your post there, don’t forget to follow the community rules of any community where you post your contents.

6- Mobile Devices: The community is created by ‘’Guy Kawasaki’’ who is a well-known famous personality and he was one of the apple employees who had worked in marketing the apple’s Macintosh in 1984. The community has a number of 40,000+ active members in the community. You can follow the community to get the latest updates.

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Try to share your post with a big large size image on any community, as large images in the post are more eye catching and drive more traffic to your posts, and some time when you share a big size image on Google plus, then Google automatically increases the size of your image in the timeline on Google plus, which you might have seen many times with some other posts on Google plus, and it also helps to get extra exposure to your posts on Google plus. You can use the communities I have listed above which are really popular and can boost the discussion rate on your post.

There are lots of other communities on Google plus which you can find and share your posts there, but try to find the communities which has the maximum number of members in the community. There are so many communities for every website like Tech, Mobile, Gadgets, Music, Movie, Games, SEO, Blogging, Food, Travel etc. You can easily find any communities just by searching on the Google plus. But always share your post with the communities which has the maximum number of members and quite popular too, and it should be relevant for your

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