Integrating Pinterest in Business

We are consuming tons of data everyday and too much information from internet can drown us. We all know that most people today are very dependent on internet, most are surfing even through their mobiles. People are becoming less interested in reading long articles and prefer browsing images. Business should see this as an opportunity for them to use in their marketing strategy.

Pinterest for Business
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So, what is Pinterest?
Pinterest is an image-based network that has millions of users. It allows their users to create, manage, and share photos and videos from their own virtual bulletin boards. Each users have their electronic pinboards for their image collections. It is a website where people can discover things that they love and share them with others. It is where they can discover new things and also give them the opportunity to share their interests.

Why integrate Pinterest in business? 
As what mentioned earlier, people are tired of long articles to read. They are now more interested in looking at great photos online with some caption on it. And because it has millions of users, it is good to use by business so that they can reach lots of clients/customers. It is a good way to promote their products/services online.


Here are some reasons why it is best to integrate Pinterest in your marketing strategy:

1. Products/Services Promotion – You can easily promote your products and services to your current and potential customers through the use of Pinterest. With its millions of users, you can easily achieve brand awareness. By pinning and sharing an image or video of your product to your board, you can get other user’s interest. It is important to remember to put all your photos in a proper and appropriate categories. So that you can share a specific photo to specific customers. If you see your customer having a photo using your product, you can also share it to show to your other customers.

2. Customer’s Engagement – Though Pinterest is all about images, we can still say that it is also a social network at the core because you can connect with other users and your customers. How? Because in Pinterest, we can also follow a user or comment, like, and repin their images. Business can take advantage of this platform to interact with other users so they can build a community for their products/services. Great way to keep the connection within your business and your current and potential customers is to comment on your photos and give thanks to your followers if ever they repin your image.

You can also do the same by repinning their interesting photos, too. Establishing a good relationship through reciprocating great acts can also help you get more followers that can be your future customers.

3. Drives Website Traffic – Pinterest is so useful in increasing traffic to your website. With every repins and likes of your photos, you ca get a traffic and exposure for your business. How? Because every pin has an embedded link back to its original source, so if someone likes or repin your photo it can get a backlink and can build a traffic for your website. To help improve your search engine ranking, you must use concise descriptions and right keywords for your caption.

4. Connect with other Social Networks – We all know that Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social networking websites that usually used by many. If you are already an active user of these two network, you can redirect your friends and followers to your Pinterest account too. This will provide you new ways to interact with them. It is also possible to push your pins to Facebook and Twitter.

5. Conduct Market Research – Using Pinterest is not only about promotion, brand awareness or engaging with your customers. You can also use this network to conduct a market research for your business. You have to know what is happening to images and videos that you are creating and sharing. Upon knowing the result, you will be able to analyze if people are interested or not to your products/services. Do they like it, do they repin your photos, are they leaving good comments or are you gaining new followers and customers?

If you see that there are a lot of repins to your photos, then you will know that it is effective and that you have to continue your strategy. But if not, then it is time for you to know what’s wrong and look for the solution. Conducting this market research will give you an opportunity to improve your business.

With these reasons, I hope you will now find it good to use Pinterest on your business. Getting started is just easy. You just need to sign up and join as a business for free! You can now start browsing some images, creating your own boards, and participate with other users on Pinterest.

Just let us know how you like this article. If you would like to ask anything just let us know in the comments below.

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