Using Social Media to Assist With Your Events – Facebook’s Events for You Feature

For those planning an event, the use of social media is a must. Through the use of social channels you can reach out to those potentially interested in your event, connect with those definitely interested in your event and update those who have attended an event of yours in the past.

Facebook's Events for You Feature
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A platform to share content and engage attendees
In addition to this, social media allows you to share event content, provide followers with previews of what your event will consist of and keep attendees updated. For anyone organising an event today, social media is an indispensable tool that can broaden the reach of your event. With the latest Facebook update, this reach is broadened even further.

Automated event suggestions
On the 3rd of July, Facebook’s events feature received a visual overhaul which saw the addition of a new “Events For You” tab. As event organisers, this new functionality will bring a whole raft of possibilities to us. Rather than just being a calendar of invites and a few suggestions based on what a user’s friends are doing, “Events For You” will now recommend gatherings it thinks a user will enjoy, even if no one invited them, their friends aren’t going or they have never been to the venue. Excellent news for event organisers.


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Utilising the data Facebook holds on its users
This new event discovery functionality, which can be found on the right sidebar of the web version of Facebook, is based on much more data than the previous Events incarnation. It has been confirmed that these recommendations are based on the information a user has shared with Facebook, e.g. the pages that they have liked, the groups and communities they are a part of, the events their friends are attending, plus other relevant contextual information such as the day of the week and location.

Broadening your audience scope with minimal effort
Because of the changes to Facebook’s events functionality, now is definitely the time to ensure any events you are planning are listed on Facebook. The social network can now look at an event, assess what is about and who is going and utilise the demographic and interest data it holds to match your event to more potential attendees. This is great as it can almost instantly broaden your audience scope with minimal effort on your part.

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