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Web designer and developers aim at making the websites interactive. Websites, irrespective of their size aim at interact with the readers and raise the conversion rate. For this, the designers incorporate a number of interactive points in the website. An effective way to do so is through the contact forms of the websites. Through this page, a website can interact uninterruptedly with the users. Surge in the conversion page through the contact form can prove to be beneficial to the website in the long run. The contact form serves as a bridge between the company and the user scattered across the globe.
How to Design The Contact Form Of Your Website
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Reputation of the website
A good user experience is associated with the contact form. The interactive design and layout of the contact form is of importance in this regard. The contact form denotes the transaction, and it helps the websites to understand their brand identity acceptability among the users. The design of this form will depend on the reputation of the size of the business and website.

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While designers, professionals have to take into account the size of the business and their trustworthiness. While filling the contact form of an established name, users feel more comfortable while sharing the information. While if you are designing for a small or a startup, the users might be reluctant to cater information.

Make is user-friendly
Access to valuable information is awarded these content pages. In few of the websites, you can only view the information or the products displayed, after filling the form. In a major micro-blogging site, filling up the contact form assures the access to a worldwide community. While designing the contact form, ensure that fewer number of fields that you have mentioned there and the information that you will provide in return to the user. Ensure that the form is a linear one and customers have to fill few elements as this helps in increasing the conversion rate.

Do not ask for sensitive information
Creating a trust among the users is another important step that you need to ensure while designing the contact form. Ensure that you are not asking for sensitive information from the users especially at the onset. You have to set the expectation the through the contact form in order to avoid any form of confusion among the users.

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It is important to be user-friendly by avoiding the fields that are not mandatory as it might lead to unease and discomfort. State in your website the utilization of the information and inform the users that their emails will not be shared with marketing lists.

Keep the form small
Improving the conversion rate is the most important attribute of these contact forms. The small forms are considered the best contact form. While designing a form, ensure that keep only the mandatory fields. Research proves that these forms perform better than the longer ones.

Security is another important aspect that you need to consider in this regard. SSL certification proves the security of the data and increases the chances of higher conversion rate. It is advisable that the designers should emphasize on the security of the website.

Use various innovations
Designers have the liberty of incorporating various elements of designing in the form. There are chances of enhancing the user interface of the contact form to make it aesthetically pleasing. By using various innovations, you can increase the conversion rate of the website. Every website has a contact form.

Though filling the form seems to be a simple process, but it influences the decision-making of the websites as a user experience depends on the same. A few extra measures can help to design the website well.

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Rizwan Ahmad delete November 22, 2014 at 1:04 PM

Nice post Alex..!!!
Keep it up and post more information on how to design a website more attractive so that there should be more visitors each and every day. As stated in this article all the website designers design the contact form in such a way that the website looks more attractive and it attracts many users. This point of designing a contact form also plays a very important role in website design and which is explained in more detail by Web Design New York.
Thank you Alex…

Rizwan Ahmad delete December 2, 2014 at 7:14 PM

Great write Alex.!
AS discussed in this that how a website designer should design a contact form of a particular website to increase the conversion rate and make the sales rate higher and higher. Web design new york has also suggested some of tips which are almost covered here in this post.
Hope to see more post form your side Alex.
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