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Let’s face it – there is nothing like an ideal business phone system because we never know how the dynamics of business communication is going to play in the coming days. Thus, it is imperative to stick with the ones that already have a proven track record. With the adoption of VoIP, floodgates seemed to have been opened for a variety of business phone systems in the market.

VoIP has come a long way as far as penetration is concerned and to connect seamlessly with the cloud telephony system, businesses have to opt for phone systems that are in sync with it. There are two options when it comes to choosing an ideal business phone for your organization – digital phones and IP phones.

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Digital Phones
Digital phones as well as IP phones come loaded with numerous advanced telephony features like:
• LCD screens displaying information pertaining to the features
• Advanced functions that can be accessed through programmable buttons
• Handset or speaker based Off Hook Call Announcement
• Integrated headset
• CIX Attendant Console
• Digital Speakerphones


There are a variety of other features that are suitable for every type of businesses. Digital phones are perfectly suitable for the old PSTN network and works without any qualms with the old communication system.

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IP Phones
IP phones are an extension of the digital phones as they can work with the latest VoIP communication system. IP phones are in demand as they are the digital phones that can be plugged directly to the local network and work seamlessly providing access to all the latest VoIP telephony features. Numerous advanced telephony features can be availed by using the IP business phones.

Some of the notable features that come with IP phones are:
• Call routing
• Call attendant
• Music on hold
• Integrated Voice mail
• Advanced Call management
• Audio Conferencing

IP phones offer digital clarity when it comes to voice calls and with their high-quality display, it is really easy to read and navigate the menus. Managing calls is really convenient as the extensive features like call routing and automatic call attendant provide a smart way to handle all incoming calls. Businesses can project a very professional image through the latest technology to handle the calls. These IP phones can be used with minimum training and help the employees improve their productivity through productive calling.

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Since every business has users with different roles, expectations, and needs, so there are a variety of IP phones catering to different user needs. An impressive lineup of desktop, as well as wall-mounted IP phones, is available for users. Business owners and leaders can choose from a wide range of IP business phones and opt for the appropriate phone suiting their needs and budget.

Desktop phones are suitable for those users who work from their desks and these phones have speakers as well as microphones that facilitate hands-free calls. The programmable buttons help the users to access numerous features by just pressing a button. The LCD displays enable better readability and smart use of the functions.

There are phones with attendant consoles which are appropriate for use at contact centers and administrative departments. There are a variety of add-on modules that can be chosen by the users based on their needs. Transferring a call to the right department or the priority based routing makes the businesses project a very professional image both to its customers and associates.

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