It is high time that we realize the need to save our environment, not only for our own sake, but for the billions of people who will continue to live on earth long after we are gone. There is no point in leaving behind a world where the air and water is polluted, soil is infertile, and ozone layer depleted. We all need to get more responsible and do our bit in saving the environment.

Even a small step like the choice of our telephone systems can go a long way in saving the earth this is why use voip phones to reduce usage of paper and go green. VoIP or Hosted telephony has to be the natural choice of every responsible business as it helps to cut down the carbon footprint and save the environment from harmful pollutants.

Businesses are emphasizing on the need to reduce their carbon footprint and that too by bringing subtle changes in their business practices. Thus, in their bid to remain sustainable in an eco-friendly environment, businesses are fast switching to hosted PBX telephone systems. Hosted telephony can really help businesses go green because of the following attributes:

(1) Using less energy at the office: Hosted telephony reduces the consumption of resources and utilities within your premises. The technology behind the functioning of hosted telephony is a broadband Internet and this implies that there is no requirement for a separate telephone line. Since the system is hosted by a third party, businesses will be saved from installing and maintaining servers and other energy-hogging equipment. You will also not need to employ maintenance people for this equipment.  Lesser number of people at the office will result in a decreased use of water, heating, electricity, and other resources.

(2) Reducing large electronics parts that need to be wasted when technology changes – Hosted PBX system is compatible with the existing telephone systems in a company, so businesses do not need to dump their old electronic equipment. At the same time, the companies implementing their new communication system will not require anything more than telephone sets. No special hardware systems are needed for running hosted telephony.

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(3) Saving on travel and reducing fuel emission – The latest hosted telephone systems come loaded with advanced telephony and conferencing features. Thus, businesses will be able to cut down on travel. All meetings can be conducted through audio or video conferencing. Employees spread around the world will be able to access the central communication system at any point of time irrespective of their location. Reduced travel will eventually lead to reduced fuel emission – a positive step towards reducing carbon footprint.

(4) Using less paper and going completely digital – The hosted telephony system helps to integrate all communication channels onto a common platform. Thus the use of paper is considerably reduced and businesses are able to go completely digital. There is no need to take out printouts of voice transcripts as the voice messages can be attached in the form of digital voice files and sent to their desired recipients.

(5) Connecting when needed and not have energy-burning all the time – This internet based telephone system can be disconnected at will, thus providing an option to use it when required. Unlike their traditional counterparts, hosted telephone systems do not keep consuming energy when not in use. Users of the latest telephony system have the option of disconnecting the power source when no one is using it.  All this finally leads to lesser energy consumption and a reduction in the carbon footprint of a company.

It is the responsibility of every business to contribute to the betterment of our environment and opting for the hosted PBX might turn out to be a big stride in that direction.

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