Special Apps for Visually Impaired People and What Are Their Benefits

Thanks to the smartphones, the visually impaired people can virtually see the world without any discrepancy. You can always visit our site www.project-ray.com to learn more about all the magical technologies that has been invented for this section of people.

Here is a list of the apps that can be used by visually challenged people.

Look Tell Money Reader:

The coins have distinct shapes and edges but the paper notes are difficult to recognize by touch. This application, namely the Look Tell Money Reader can easily identify the denomination of the currency by its camera and then can announce it loudly. The developer is working on improving this technology to upgrade the identifying levels with zero error.

Special Apps for Visually Impaired People
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Light Detector:

This particular application can identify the source of light and emits a sound as a signal that light has been detected. This will help in the road where a car is approaching and the headlights are on. It can prevent road accidents and can be a special boon to the visually challenged individuals.

Hey Tell:

The HeyTell concept comes from the traditional walkie-talkies. It helps in communicating people from your contact list with just a button. You can talk or communicate via voice message to anyone you wish to.


If you wish to get 24*7 support from some expert may be for some web or technology related questions, then Vizwiz can be the right choice for you. You can get benefit from the human expert when you send a query and can expect to get the answer within 30 seconds. For example, if you are buying a packet of instant food and want to know the ingredients typed in the pack, you can take the help of the web worker, a human volunteer who will answer you quicker than you expect.

Dragon Dictation:

It is a free application where you can add the punctuation verbally. It will help to copy your dictation and then paste it on your clipboard easily.


oMoby is nothing but an useful image identifier application. If you ask to identify by clicking an image, it will easily recognize by the feature of code scanning the product.
Voice Brief : With a press of a button, Voice Brief can easily read your twitter and Facebook feeds , read your mails with a very clear and audible voice.

Taxi Magic:

You can book taxi service easily with Taxi Magic, which is a very useful application and also available without any cost. Just a few taps on your phone and your taxi will be at your doorstep. You can also pay in advance through your credit card before boarding the taxi.

Color ID free:

Color ID Free can answer all your answers regarding color. Starting from which color of shirt is present in front of you or what color of lip gloss you have just put on your lips. Whether the price of dollar dropped or the sky is cloudy, you can always know the answer within seconds.

Adriadne GPS:

This application is a talking map that will help you navigate throughout the world without any difficulty. They are available in different languages and is a must-have application to all the visually challenged individuals. It has got a special feature where it can locate the bus or train stops very smoothly.

Video Motion Detector:

Video Motion Detector can make you feel that you are not at all alone. Whenever it senses any motion around you, it can provide you with a warning. So that, you can know that someone is around you.

There are also other applications beside all these in the android market. You just need to rely on the modern up gradation of the technology for the visually challenged individuals.

About the Author:

John Atkinson is a well known app developer who is continuously updating us with the latest technology in the market of smartphones. You can visit our site – www.project-ray.com and can gather more information about the applications for the visually impaired individuals.

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