Blackberry Announces BBM App for Android Wear at CES 2015

Blackberry at CES 2015 has announced that the company soon
be going to release the BBM messenger app for Android Wear. The company has
said that BBM app will be available for wearable technologies for various types
Android Wear smartwatches. The company hasn’t unveiled its release date yet,
but it is said that the app will soon be available for Android Wear and other
wear technologies running on android platform.

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The BBM app for Android Wear will not be the same as it
appears on mobile platforms. The new BBM app for android wear will only feature
some of it’s ‘’Most Common Functionality’’ to android wear and these
functionality could be increased later with other app updates in near future.

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According to the company the new BBM app for android will
allow users to see and read new messages, accept BBM invites from the watch
without accessing friends smartphone, Replying to a message will now be quicker
by using the app or through voice and Google now, as this is the common
functionality for android wear smartwatches.
After Installing the BBM app on a smartphone BBM for android
wear feature will be available automatically on android wear smartwatch. The
BBM for android wear ill support a wide range of smartwatches that supports
android wear.

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