Knowing five of the fastest-growing tech companies of 2014 means you can get a head start on 2015 by being in tune with the industry. Whether you’re in a tech field or simply looking to invest, these are five companies you should keep an eye on in the coming months.

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This company offers business management software to help with customer centricity, customer loyalty, new business generation, and productivity. The company’s Build for Change systems speeds up business solutions by getting rid of manual programming. With both on premise and cloud solutions, Pegasystems lets businesses adapt to their clients in a variety of ways. In the end, Pegasystems can help you streamline your business processes so you can better focus on the customer.

This online service lets customers share and print their digital images. Shutterfly’s products and services let customers upload, edit, organize, search, print, and preserve their photos and images. Everything from bound photo books, greeting cards, and calendars, to stationery and huge prints can be ordered. The customer can design the products at home, order via the website, and have their creation delivered right to their door.

Rackspace Hosting
While this hosting company was founded in the late 90s, it is just now making its way into the mainstream tech world. Rackspace Hosting offers cloud computing services, like cloud hosting, both public and dedicated. Small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and even large enterprises use and benefit from Rackspace Hosting.

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LFG Technologies
This tech company is the leading high technology solution for landfill gas energy economy today. They work with scientists and engineers to convert landfill gas into energy. Their engineering has brought them to the forefront of the industry making them a leader in green development around the world.

This company offers cybersecurity for a broad range of industries, including education, energy, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail, plus government organizations (up to the federal level) around the world. Customers can access network security before, during, and after a breach. Sourcefire offers a host of security solutions, including hardware, software, and cloud-based applications, products, and services.

Global Payments
This company offers electronic payment processing for consumers, independent sales organizations, merchants, financial institutions, multi-national corporations, and even high level government agencies. Global Payments serves a variety of industries, including gaming, healthcare, governments, restaurants, universities, retail, and nonprofits.

Tech companies fill a variety of needs, from government security to gift making made easy. From simple ideas to widespread services, tech companies are filling in the gaps between what people want and what they get. Tech is a great industry to stay on top of, no matter what type of field you’re in.

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