Everyone knows that the internet suffers attacks from hackers. Hackers usually invade email accounts, credit cards, and other areas of internet usage. But did you know that your home security system could also be vulnerable to attacks from hackers?

Your system may not be as secure as you think. Hackers can access almost anything with wireless sensors. Consider how your system might be vulnerable and what you can do to protect yourself.

Your Home Security System
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Disabled Signals
A hacker could completely disable the wireless signals in your home security system. You would have no way of knowing that someone broke into your home once someone shuts down your signals. A person could enter and exit your home without any kind of alerts of alarms.

All the extra security in the world won’t do your home any good when the basics of the system have been compromised. These signals could easily bounce into the hands of the wrong person.

Monitor Family Movements
It may seem scary, but a hacker can also monitor the movements your family makes if they gain control of the signals. They might be able to figure out when your family is entering and exiting the home due to your signals. When you leave the home, they could send someone to break into the home and steal your valuables.

The hackers would essentially disarm your security system and use it against you. People from all sorts of different places have filed reports with police claiming that their security systems were compromised by hackers.

Set False Alarms
Once a hacker gains control over the system’s signals, they can also set false alarms. False alarms can cause fear and confusion, especially among young children. You might actually be tricked into thinking your system is incredibly sensitive.

If it picks up every little movement, then you can’t be in any danger. The hacker will lull you into a false of security to make you drop your guard before they attack your home. You want to keep your alertness about you at all times.

Although a hacker can make these bad things happen, you can protect your home and family with better systems. Consider a home security system from Arpel Security Systems. They have traditional systems that use wires instead of wireless sensors.

You could still choose their wireless systems due to the extra measures they take to ensure a quality product for your home.

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