Freedom 251 Smartphone Goes on Sale Again, Here is How to Buy Freedom 251 Smartphone Easily

The ‘Freedom 251’ which is probably the cheapest smartphone launched till date in India is in the news for past few days for an infinite number of reasons. A smartphone costing only Rs 251 sounds really strange but the news is true as we can find from the bookings going on the official website

The Freedom 251 smartphone runs Android 5.1., comes with a 4-inch display, a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage (expandable by up to 32GB).

Launched officially in New Delhi last Wednesday by the Noida based company Ringing Bells. Moreover, the company has received orders for around 30,000 units after going on sale via on Thursday and after a brief interruption, the online bookings have started again on the official website.

Freedom 251 Smartphone Goes on Sale Again, Here is How to Buy Freedom 251 Smartphone Easily

Ringing Bells issued a statement saying that there was huge and unexpected demand for the Freedom 251 and it has stopped bookings temporarily.

The users trying to place their orders online were also facing issues like being navigated back to the screen that asks for shipping details.
How to book your Freedom 251device

Here is how to buy Freedom 251 smartphone very easily:
• Head to the official website
• Click on Buy Now button.
• Enter your shipping address, accept the terms and conditions and click on Pay Now to proceed to the payment page.

A Note worth mentioning is that the Ringing Bells is charging Rs. 40 additional for shipping Freedom 251 to your place and hence total amount needed to be paid is Rs. 291. Moreover, Freedom 251 cannot be shipped to an address outside India.

Important points to remember before we go for the Freedom 251
1. No kind of return policy being shown on the website though it does say your Freedom 251 unit is covered by a one-year warranty.
2. A general rule in life – if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
3. Ringing Bells has no track record in electronics and hence is an unknown brand
4. We noted other concerns with our Freedom 251 review unit though the company later told us it does not represent the final unit that will ship to customers.
5. A chance of the unit not being shipped at all company says it may take up to 4 months for your unit to ship and the Ringing Bells lacks any kind of a track record

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