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Facebook marketing is a crucial segment in digital marketing. Every minute feature is useful for business promotion on the social media giant. The Facebook cover image is a feature that enhances the beauty of your Facebook page.

Have you ever thought of using cover image for better marketing results?
Best Ways of Using Facebook Cover Pics for Business?
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A dull cover pic cannot get any impression of the viewers on your page. So, make it creative and informative. Just featuring your brand’s logo is not enough now. You should catch every chance on social media marketing. Here in this article, I suggest you some of the ways you can use the facebook cover images for your marketing purpose.

1. Let your audience know your value proposition:
Multimedia content gives you a chance to explain yourself to the world, in a clear way. If you can explain your brand’s value proposition in a single line, you can make it with Facebook cover images. You know, the cover image is the first thing one observes when a facebook page opened. So, there is a great chance for you to get the best impression of your viewers.
EY-Studios Facebook cover

Just for an example, here is the facebook cover image of EY-Studios, a web designing company. They simply give a line that gets a positive impression of the viewers.

However, First impression is the best impression, isn’t it?

2. Share your best moments:
You have to give your audience an emotional touch. When someone is searching for businesses of a niche, they search for the page which gives them convenience and confidence that they could get the desired services. If they see any special events organised at the business or the work atmosphere of the business on the facebook business page, they would show a positive response towards that page.
TCS’ facebook business page

So, showcase your memories at the first look of the viewers. Place pictures that feature your recent events and achievements. Observe TCS’ facebook business page. They feature their cover image with the recently organized 10K run event.

Such pictures increases the reputation of the business, right?

3. Promote your Apps:
Now, mobile marketing is at a fast pace. So, every business is thriving to have an own mobile application. You might have developed a beautiful application. But, marketing is the next phase to get success. You might have a good number of followers for your social media pages. So use them as your promotional platforms.
Columbus tours and travels business

Use the facebook cover image to promote your mobile applications or any other products. Just as a tours and travels business, Columbus, used.

What a great place to promote,no?

4. Let your customers know your best offers:
Giving offers and takeaways is a part of business strategies. They work well too. But they need to be noted by the customers. Letting know your followers about your best deals and offers is very easy on facebook. Make a beautiful image that features your offers and make it as your cover image. That’s it. You need not give any other ads or promotions for that offer.
Atlas Tours and Travels’ facebook cover

Take a look at Atlas Tours and Travels’ facebook cover image which feature its latest Eid offers.

5. Feature your fans to create great engagement:
Engagement with your followers is one of the main goals of social media marketing. There is nothing can get more engagement than involving your followers on your business page. There are many ways involving them. You can share their content or mention them on your posts. But, they love to be someone special for you. It is ultimate if you feature them on your cover image.
Oreo Facebook cover

Just for an example, look at Oreo’s recent cover images. Oreo has featured one of its followers, wishing her on her birthday. The follower must be happy for that. And there might be a special bond created with Oreo for her, I guess.

6. Sell the best experience:
Entice your customers with your special class products, social experiences. Users love to get the best experience always. So, just sell the experience that they would get with your products. So, make your cover images that feature the best experience of your business.
Carolina amusement park

Carolina amusement park shares an enticing image that tells how its customers can enjoy at their amusement park. Seeing such an alluring image, no one can reject to visit the park.

See one other example of Honda Motors. Its cover image is amazing with its newly launched car BR-V and it is giving a call-to-action. The cover image is really tempting, isn’t it?

Honda Motors Facebook cover

7. Promote HashTags:
Hashtags are the important elements of social media marketing. First used by Twitter, hashtags reached every social media platform giving a great flexibility for marketers and users. With the help of hashtags, digital marketers can make grand social media campaigns.

On your cover image, you can feature the hashtags of your social media campaigns. All your followers can see your cover image and so, your hashtag can be popular. This can get a good response to your social media campaigns.
HCL technologies Facebook cover

Here in the above pic, HCL technologies has used a trendy hashtag for its social campaigns and gets good a response for it.

Creating better cover images:
Create your best facebook cover images for your business pages. There are some tips suggested by Facebook for good cover images. Have a look:

1- For computers, the display size of the cover image is 828x315 pixels whereas for smartphones, it is 640x360 pixels.

2- For a better view, an sRGB JPG image of 851x315 pixels, and less than 100 KB size is recommended.

You can use some online tools like ‘Canva’ to create better cover images for your facebook pages. You can create effective images for your different purposes. It gives the better pixels sizes for all kinds of images. Moreover, you can create all the pics for free.
Canva online tool for Facebook cover

Canva offers you many background images and cliparts for free and for cost as well. You can also upload your own images to canva and use them whenever you want. And there are many other tools that you can create better images for your business pages.

The first impression is the best impression. So, captivate your viewers and followers with the attractive cover images on your facebook business pages. Make the facebook cover images as part of your content strategy and use as your promotion tools on the biggest social media platform.

Remember the best size of the cover image as 851x315 pixels and use the tools available online. It is better to update the cover image at least once a month. You can use a social media management tool like SocioBoard, HootSuite or SocialOomph etc that has automation features. With these features, you can automatically upload your cover image on multiple facebook accounts and pages.

So, why late? Start focusing on your cover images.

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Hello mates!! I am Sumit Ghosh, a huge social media fan, a nerd, a geeky programmer and owns a digital marketing firm, successfully running for over 9 years. I also started the SocioBoard Blog to provide knowledge to new startups and entrepreneurs whose social marketing campaigns failed to generate ROI. You can Follow Sumit on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter.

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