How the iPhone 7 Surprised the Modern Smartphone User

When the original iPhone launched in 2007, it was lauded as a revolution in smartphone technology. Consumers agreed, purchasing millions of units in the first year. The iPhone has continued to sell well, and Apple continues to improve the technology, culminating in the iPhone 7 that was released just a few months ago.

However, several choices Apple made with the iPhone 7 surprised reviewers and consumers alike, both positively and negatively, leaving many iPhone 6 users questioning whether or not they should Sell iPhone 6 or stick with it until the next model.

Where’s the Jack?
The most notable loss is that of the headphone jack. While Apple provides an adapter for use with the charging port, many customers were startled at its omission and questioned the choice, especially when competing phones produced by Samsung and Huawei have retained the port.


However, Apple defended its position and pointed out that the vast majority of iPhone users rely on wireless headsets and other accessories and the deletion of a port originally designed in the 1970s for portable stereos enables the phone to be thinner, lighter, and not held back by older technology.

Shouldn’t the Screen Be Bigger?
Some users were also critical of the screen, which relied on older LCD technology and does not offer the full 1080P resolution.

However, Apple chose this screen because it is a proven, rugged technology that is more resistant to falls and has reduced battery requirements when compared to other options. Indeed, the iPhone 7 offers the best battery life of all iPhones, despite having a much faster processor.

What’s Under the Hood?
The primary focus of Apple was to enable the iPhone 7 to serve better as a media streaming and gaming device. While it may not offer the full 1080p resolution, such high resolutions are considered superfluous on a 5.5″ screen anyway, and the ingenious quad-core system being backed up by 3gb of RAM and up to 256gb of storage enables the phone to excel in display and gameplay aspects.

iPhone 7 colors and design

Capable of playing almost any game in the app store at top speed and high resolution, the iPhone 7 is also capable of storing entire seasons of TV shows for offline viewing.

The iPhone 7 is an incremental step in the iPhone’s development cycle, and while it may not have set the world on fire, it offers a lot of superior options when compared to the iPhone 6 and 6s, especially regarding processor performance and RAM.

Apple’s focus on the internal aspects of the phone may have made for a less visually impressive phone, but it certainly a more powerful machine better able to handle today’s software environment. So whether you decide to Sell Phones you have and upgrade or stick with an older model, you’ll know what new additions are being introduced today.

Rizwan Ahmad

Rizwan is an avid mobile geek and a gaming lover. He loves to keep a tab on new tech and loves to share the latest tech news and reviews on Smartphones, Gadgets, Apps, and more.


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