Leaders of the top tech and virtual reality industry like Facebook’s Oculus, Google, HTC, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Samsung, and Acer have joined together to create a non-profit organization of international headset manufacturers called the ‘GVRA‘ (Global Virtual Reality Association).

Facebook, Google, HTC, Sony and More Joins Hands to Create a VR Association

The organization aims to promote the growth of the global virtual reality (VR) industry and will develop and share best practices for industry and foster dialogue between public and private stakeholders around the world, which according to some analysts could generate as much as $40 billion in revenues by 2020.

It is believed that the VR technology will evolve as the next great computing platform and will help in improving the sectors ranging from education to healthcare, and contribute significantly to the global economy through it’s research and global engagement and development of best practices so that VR’s potential can be maximized for people and they can take advantage of this technology at a global level in future.

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