Five Ways You Can Use Your App to Make Your Restaurant a Success

Restaurants are one of the fastest evolving businesses all across the globe. There’s a restaurant, a food truck, and a food stall opening somewhere every second day, figuratively. This sudden influx has been the offering of a busy life and the quenching desire to savour something new every day.

While the users are benefiting from the abundance of options, the restaurants are now facing competition more than ever before. There are a number of ways to curb the competition and emerge as the market leader and the best one of it is – using your mobile app. If you still don’t have one, get one developed by some reputed mobile application development company.

Your mobile app can drive in a number of customers to your restaurant thus sending your revenue and reputation off the roof! Here are the five ways you can use your device to drive business for you –


1. Locality-based deals
Add a GPS feature on your phone and introduce locality-based offers, choosing new localities every week. This will help you create a regular and returning customer base.
It will also help in expanding your geography and finding new clients for the business.

2. Using your customers’ social profile
Ask your customers to take a picture of the food they are having in your restaurant and share on social media or ask them to check-in and tag your restaurant on Facebook and Instagram and other social media they frequent. In return for that, offer them discounts or some coupon motivating them to come again.

3. Having Click to Call option
It’s not enough to give your customers a menu and wait for them to order online through the app, it helps to have a click to call option in your app. Your customers would probably have some extra requirements or queries about some dish, so it helps to have a click to call option in your app.

4. Having an innovative Menu
Instead of the usual menu tab, do something new with the menu. Add realistic photo gallery of the dishes or give a mysterious name to your dishes (but not something beyond recognition). For a few speciality dishes, you can ask your chef to add a message for the readers who would then become your customers.

5. Direct customers to review and ranking websites
The easiest and most fruitful way you can use your app is by asking your customers to give you a review on the ranking website you wish to appear in. Here again, you can offer discounts or some coupons for every rank and review.

While these are just the five most time-tested ways in which your app can make your restaurant famous and help it generate revenue, there are a number of other ways in which you can utilize apps to do wonders for your restaurant business. All you will have to do now is add some features to the app and your business and revenue would see an influx.

Another important thing you have to remember at this point is to keep updating your app by reading its reviews and feedback on the app store.

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