As the global trend of buying online getting popular, the scammers around the world are also getting more advanced and introducing new hacks to get our money in their pocket. There are many websites and new business is emerging to provide products online which are easier for the buyer to choose, select and order. It is also convenient shopping as you receive your desired product at your doorsteps but since the online shopping is increasing the scammers are also getting more active these days. Therefore it is important to secure yourself from online buying scam.

How to Secure Yourself from Scamming While Online Buying
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What is online buying scam?
Many of us are already aware of it, there are several methods to cheat and fraud the buyers who buy from online websites and get their money, while they don’t get anything or bad quality product in return. That is why it is essential to keep an eye of these scams while buying online, many of online shopping will not only cost you your money but also there is no way of refunds.

Online scams can be of different types such as:

Fake websites:
The fake websites seem to be similar to any online shopping website but it is not, it is operated by scammers and once they get your money they will never respond you or your website might vanish just like that. These websites can sell you low-quality product, the product might be different from the one you saw, the item might be missing which you have paid for or maybe you will never receive your products since you already paid in advance.

Fake deals on the retail website:
Some scammer’s posts fake products or deals on the retail website and therefore you fall for it. These deals are pretty much lower than other offers or too good to resist. Since not every seller registers the website has no policy to control the scam, once you pay for the product you might not receive the product itself or else they will provide you a low-quality product while cash on delivery and once you return they will deduct your amount saying it is the delivery charges. This scam can be played on multiple customers with one product and amount collected can be more than you think.

Outside settlement for auction websites:
There are many auction websites which allows you to auction and get products at much cheaper rates therefore once you are successful in getting any deal, any scammer can ask you to settle for more outside the website pretending to be the website employee himself. If you do so there are chances of losing the deal at first and never getting the payment you settled for.

The threat to your bank account details:
There are many websites which seem totally like a genuine one and offers great deals and discounts as well. That is why when you enter your bank account or credit card details some backend hacking will hack your password can use the money in your account or use your credit card number details to do the online shopping. Both methods will cost you too much money and you might never shop again online.

Ways to secure yourself from online shopping scams:
Now that you know how the online shopping scams work always use safer and secured methods to keep your money and bank account details secure. That is why these tips will help you identify and secure yourself from online buying scams.

Always buy from those websites which provide cash on delivery option and always use it as well. This will allow you to secure yourself from any fraud and you can pay after checking the product and after complete satisfaction.

Always use verified payment methods if you have no other options such as PayPal or Payoneer. This will secure your bank and account details.

Try to never use outside settlement once you use auction websites.

In the case of retail websites never go for too tempting and too obvious scam deals and try to buy from the closer to real price range.

Do your research and check genuine reviews such as genuine website will allow Twitter reviews etc.
Read the refund and return policy and buy from those websites which take action against it.

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