If you aren’t happy with the services you are getting with digitalocean.com, there are alternatives for your VPS hosting needs. But, which ones are the best, and which ones are going to provide you the services, features, and quality which you are after? These are a few alternatives to digitalocean.com to consider, if you are ready for a change, or are simply looking to compare features.

3 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives You Can Use

1- InMotion Hosting
As one of the leaders in Cloud Hosting solutions, the company offers the lowest price point for customers who are looking for this type of hosting. They offer you the ability to do a manual back up, offer server management services, free solid-state drives, cPanel licenses, live state snapshots, and more. With a price point starting as low as about 5 pounds per month, you aren’t going to find a cheaper service provider, for the hosting solution you need.

2- DreamHost
Another well-known hosting platform is a great alternative for those who aren’t happy with the services which they are receiving with digitalocean.com. You can choose from a 2 or an 8 GB Ram server with the host. They offer fast service and hosting, for a relatively low price point in the marketplace. Their servers scale up to your priorities so you won’t experience lag time or downtime issues often. With complete full root and enhancing services, the host offers full integration, simplicity, and a reasonable price point based on your storage solution needs.

3- BlueHost
It is one of the most well-known hosts you can find; with pricing coming in at under 5 pounds a month for the starter plan, you can’t find much more, for such a low price point. You can have 500 MB storage, over 100 email account options (based on your chosen package), free domains, spam experts, 1-click scaling, unlimited storage, and local caching. Of course the service plan and level you choose will dictate how much you receive (in terms of storage, email accounts, etc). But, as one of the top hosts, not only do you have reliability and affordability, you won’t experience downtime or lag speeds, so it won’t affect your end user online.

You have many hosts you can choose from when setting up your online site. For those who are not happy with the digitalocean.com platform, there are quite a few options. If you like to know some more alternatives then, visit alternativewebsites.com .These are a few of the top alternatives to digitalocean.com to consider, for reliability, speed, and for affordability for your hosting solution needs.