Niantic Labs, the developer of the once vastly popular Pokémon Go, is currently creating a Harry Potter AR game, TechCrunch initial reported earlier. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an AR mobile app which is all set to launch next year, co-developed by Warner Bros. Interactive and its new brand, the ably named Portkey Games. The company-Niantic confirmed the news with the statement, “With Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, players that are dreaming of turning into real-world Wizards can finally get the possibility to expertise J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.”

Game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Much like Pokemon Go, the sport can use augmented reality to show the world around us into the world of Harry, Hermione, the man from Cracker and also the remainder of the gang.
Exact gameplay details are scarce, however, it’s doubtless to follow the Go format that needed players to move to real locations and near players.

Pokemon Go has been a huge hit for Niantic Labs. As of the month of June, the app had been downloaded 752 million times and generated $1.2 billion in revenue through micro-transactions. Within the game, players catch Pokémon that seem on a real-world map, whereas interacting with gyms fastened to universe places.

The game has continuing to grow since its unleash, with the addition of recent Pokémon, special themed events, and raids – permitting players to team-up to require down and probably catch powerful Pokémon, as well as rare legendaries.

Last year Niantic denied reports that a Harry Potter game was within the works – dashing the hopes of the boy wizard’s fan base – however it seems currently they merely weren’t able to impart details relating to the project.

Rumors of a Harry Potter AR game developed by Niantic had swirled last year, however, were dominated a hoax by Snopes. Several had at the start foretold that Pokémon Go would spawn a series of somebody AR games, and currently, that prediction finally appears to be coming back true.
According to Niantic, “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are influenced by Niantic’s cult classic game Ingress, that permits individuals to gather boosts, defend locations, and explore their atmosphere, the combination the $64000 world and also the digital.” In Wizards Unite, players can fight “legendary beasts and team with others to require down powerful enemies,” that we are able to assume to be Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort. Harry Potter’s wizardly parts combined with the Muggle world is already a subject within the books and films, thus we are able to expect to ascertain that appear currently in AR kind.

Wizards Unite

A similar AR-based wizardly game, known as Maguss, has already been created and is presently in early alpha. (It doesn’t own any rights to overtly incorporating Harry Potter parts into the sport.) In Maguss, you’ll fight in raids and against wizardly creatures. You’ll also opt to purchase a Maguss wand to use aboard the mobile app that is obtainable on iOS and Android.

Niantic has had scaling issues once creating games for a beloved franchise that millions are shouting for before. The corporate hasn’t had a very fine and robust relationship with its Pokémon Go player base because it extended updates and bug fixes months once players complained concerning them and as some initial users born the sport.

Niantic has apologized within the past for the various technical errors and has tried to continue creating a quality of life enhancements. “With our previous game Ingress we tend to were terribly communicative with players, and really open.

Despite all of the setbacks, Pokémon Go was still seeing sixty-five million monthly users in June, in keeping with Niantic. This point around, any further infrastructure issues from absorbing an outsized franchise like Harry Potter might even be alleviated by the Warner Bros’ point of entry development team. Niantic can announce additional details concerning the sport in 2018.

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