Tetris, a very popular classic puzzle game from 1980’s that we all must have played in our childhood days. This game was so popular, even it still rocks for so many people around the world. But if you are one who hasn’t yet tried this very popular game then Facebook has made it easy for you to play the Tetris game right from your Facebook messenger app but if you don’t know how to run or play Tetris game on your Facebook then just follow the post and I will be covering here How you can play Tetris game right from the Facebook messenger.

Tetris Game Facebook Messenger

To play the game you just need to install Facebook Messenger on your smartphone and if you have already done that then you are good to go.

After you have installed the Facebook messenger just go the facebook app and tap on the messenger icon on the top right corner, after that tap on the gaming icon below the right corner and search for “Tetris” by typing into the search bar at the top.

Now just tap to play the game. You can play solo too and can choose to challenge your friends to beat your score.

You can play with friends on Messenger and can complete daily missions to go on a Tetris marathon. You can play the game on your smartphone as well as on the desktop too. You just need to follow this link.

I tried playing the game and it was so well played. Let us know if you have tried this game or not in the comments down below.

Rizwan Ahmad 
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