Pokemon Quest Android iOS
Image: Play Store

Pokemon Quest released on Nintendo Switch last month and since then the game was not available for iOS and Android devices. Now the Pokemon Quest is finally coming to both iOS and Android smartphones on June 27. So, if you were looking to play and download Pokemon Quest on your iOS and Android phone then here how you can get it.

How to download and Play Pokemon Quest on iOS and Android device.

The Pokemon Quest is now listed on Google Play store but the game will finally be available to download on June 27, so, just two more days to go and then you will be able to download and play Pokemon Quest on your iOS and Android smartphone.

Pokemon Quest Gameplay

The Pokemon Quest present you everything made out of cubes where you play in search of treasure with your cube-shaped Pokémon buddies on a Tumblecube Island. On the island, your task will be to find out different hidden goodies which you can find exploring the island.

cube-shaped Pokémon buddies
Image: Play Store

The requirements to Download and Play Pokemon Quest on your iOS and device.

Players will need to have an Android device running Android OS 4.4 or higher with at least 2 GB or more RAM.

Pokemon Quest Items
Image: Play Store

Since the Pokemon Quest isn’t yet listed on the Apple app store we are not sure about what the iOS version of the game will require you to be able to download and play the Pokemon Quest on your iOS devices.

Do Note, that you won’t be able to transfer all the save data from your Nintendo Switch version to your Android and iOS devices.