How to Make Your Content Viral on Socials

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Having your content viral on social media can be a dream come true for any small influencer or business owner. The more popular your content becomes, the more people will be able to see it and therefore the more publicity your brand will get. In order to make that happen though, you will have to create your content in a specific way that people will find attractive.

There are quite a few things you should take into consideration in order to create a post that will be likable to many and easy to share around the web. In order to help you achieve that goal and gain more exposure, here are some easy-to-follow yet effective tips to help you make your content viral on social media.

  • Keep it short

The very first thing you should be doing in order to make your content go viral is to not make it too lengthy. If you’ve ever been on social media platforms yourself, you have most likely noticed that the posts that get the most attention are not the lengthiest ones.

The main thing to keep in mind here is that people are used to living in fast paces and they will probably avoid spending too much reading something. You can use this to your advantage and keep the descriptions you create for your content short and to the point, in order to spark a reader’s interest but not bore them.

“If that’s a little bit hard for you to achieve, you can always use an online tool to help you edit your caption and make it shorter,” James Daily, professional writer and blogger at Brainished, suggests. There are many platforms which allow you to connect with a professional writer who will be able to guide you into creating the right description every single time.

  • Know your target audience

Another thing that is very important in order to make your content viral is to know who you are trying to reach through it. For example, if you own a makeup company you will want to reach out to mainly younger women and makeup artists. You should create your content based on trends in your niche and the likings of the people you wish to attract.

Knowing your target audience is the first and biggest step in creating the right content and attracting the right people. The more tailored your content is to your target audience the more successful it will be on the right platforms.

  • Make it interactive

A big reason why content becomes viral on social media is because people are able to comment on it, like the post and share it around the web. These are all elements that all help a post become much more interactive and easy to share around on social media platforms.

As Amanda Sparks, digital marketing specialist and the author of TopDownWriter explains, a great way to achieve this is by adding call-to-action questions which will motivate your audience to leave a comment below your post. “If you’re not really familiar with this, you can use Qzzr to help you create some simple quizzes in order to understand how to better incorporate questions in your content and make them more interactive,” she suggests.

  • Use videos or images

If you have taken the time to notice how a lot of viral content is shaped, you would probably realize that many posts revolve around audiovisual content such as videos, pictures, and infographics. Memes have really become a big thing in today’s generation and it is very easy to understand why.

Hanna Mcneill, the lead marketer at TopAustraliaWriters, puts it this way: “People’s attention is very short and they usually prefer seeing a picture or watching a video to reading a big amount of text. Even if you don’t know how to make a meme or edit and create a video, you will be happy to know there are plenty of tools to help you out with this task.”

The very first you can use is Lumen5, a free online tool which will help you create videos for your social media platforms. This tool is easy-to-use and provides you with millions of free media files to choose from in order to create your preferred outcome.

On the same note, a great tool to help you find free pictures for your content is Pixabay. It offers a very large variety of copyright-free images which you can use for any purpose. Lastly, another great tool is SnapApp, an interactive content marketing platform which allows you to create all kinds of content, from videos to infographics and even quizzes and anything else you might think of.

  • Create compelling titles

Titles are always important when it comes to creating and sharing content that you wish to go viral. An eye-catching title will surely help you attract the right audience. It will also help your readers know exactly what they should expect from your content.

Did you know that Upworthy often comes up with around 25 headlines per piece of content before they publish it? Picking the right title for your post can be tough and you should definitely use a simple tool such as TitleGenerator, CanadaWriters, or SEOPressor in order to get some ideas on how you can shape them.

  • Partner with an influencer

Last but not least, a great idea which will help you make your content go viral is to partner up with an influencer who will be able to promote it. When it comes to this, Instagram or Twitter are usually your best choices in order to find an influencer who will be able to help you spread the message.

“Influencers not only have many followers but they are also very likable to people. By associating your brand with such an influencer, you are making your brand more likable and trustworthy too”, says Simon Sheldon, social media specialist at BestWritersCanada. As a result, your content will be accepted a lot more by the influencer’s audience and will, therefore, be shared a lot more easily.

In summation

The best way to make this work in your favor is by making sure that people will be able to interact with you and get involved with whatever you’re sharing. The tips mentioned earlier will surely increase your chances of making your content go viral and they will help you get the exposure you are looking for.

Which of these tips are you going to give a try?

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

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