Fallout 76 November Beta Patch
Image Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda has released Fallout 76 last Beta Patch bringing several bug fixes, Performances and Stability Improvements to the game before it launches on November 14. The latest beta patch for the Fallout 76 covers several elements in the game starting with Fallout 76 game client and servers stability improvements. The beta patch also bring fixes to the hitches during gameplay and other performance issues. The latest Fallout 76 beta patch version includes version for the Xbox, version for PS4 and version for PC.

The update also ads additional balance adjustments for Many mid and high-level enemies. Some other notable changes includes, Increased in Health and Damage Resistance. Decreased Health and Damage Resistance for mid- and high-level Super Mutants.

Material requirements for crafting for throwing knives and tomahawks have also been increased. The time required to restart a previously completed Event Quest has now been increased from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 12 minutes.

The November Beta Patch for the Fallout 76 brings the following bug fixes including game art and graphics.

Bug Fixes

Art and Graphics

  • Enemies: Fixed an issue that could cause enemies to stop playing animations and instead enter a default “T-Pose”.
  • Graphics: Fixed an issue that could cause artifacting to display on the character’s hands and weapons while inside the Whitespring and playing in first-person.
  • Graphics [Xbox]: Fixed an issue causing the game world to appear darker than intended on Xbox.
  • Water: Water no longer flickers or flashes white in building interiors.
  • Workbenches [PS4]: Item previews no longer exhibit visual issues while attempting to modify weapons at Workbenches.
  • Workshops: Powered objects placed at Workshops will now correctly play animations and sound effects.

For more information on the latest patch note for the Fallout 76 or download the Bethesda Launcher you can visit the official Fallout 76 webpage here.

The game will be released on November 14 for PC, PS4, and Xbox but if you want to try the beta before its initial release date you can pre-order the Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition and gt a chance to play the game before its launch.