Battlefield 5 Firestorm trailer

The very popular Battle Royale Mode like seen on popular games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Realme Royale, and PUBG Mobile game now seems to be coming to the battlefield 5. A new video showing up the new Battlefield 5 Firestorm Trailer has just been leaked by a data miners and YouTuber called the JROBtheFinesser. He first found the new Battlefield 5 Firestorm trailer while data mining on an Electronic Arts assets URL.

Battlefield 5 Firestorm Trailer Confirms Battle Royal Mode Finally Coming to the Game

After watching the new Battlefield 5 Firestorm trailer, we tried to find out any comments from EA or DICE and found, that the Battle Royale Mode is finally coming to the Battlefield 5 and it would be just an addition to the Battlefield experience.

While replying to a user on it Twitter account Dice said that ”We are Battlefield first, Royale is an addition to the Battlefield experience. As we move forward, Multiplayer remains our core focus.”

The Tweet from DICE confirms that the battle royale mode is finally coming soon to Battlefield 5, but when it’s not yet clear.

The Battlefield 5 Firestorm trailer reveals that players in the game will be able to play as solo, duo and squad players. Players will be able to land via parachute into the vast open world. The trailer also reveals that players will get more gear and loot items in the urban areas but at the same time it will be more dangerous too.

To more check out the Battlefield 5 Firestorm trailer above to know more.