Days Gone Update Version 1.05

Sony last week launched its much anticipated PS4 exclusive adventure survival horror game Days Gone on PS4. The game features a really solid storyline and an intense gaming experience that we talk about in our previous post. Even all those good things about the Days Gone, there have been a number of bugs and glitches which have been reported by several Days Gone players on Twitter.

The most notable glitch that users have found is the Audio dropping out or muted issue at certain points in the game. Users have also reported the game crashing issue while booting the game and streaming issue in a certain location. Now to fix all these issues mentioned above, Sony has released a new 1.05 Patch Notes.

However, Sony hasn’t yet provided any fix for the Audio dropping out or no sound issue in the latest Days Gone 1.05 Patch Notes. Maybe the fix for this issue might come in Days Gone update 1.06 patch notes. Sony says, that the team is focusing and working to fix the dropped audio bug along with the multiple save issue some of you are experiencing.

Possible Fix for the Days Gone Audio Dropping Out or Sound Getting Muted Issue

Most importantly, if you read patch note below in the Known issue. It says that Audio Dropping Out or Sound Getting Muted issue seems related to the customized bike of Deacon with a customized exhaust installed on the bike. Sony says, that players having this issue should try to change their bike’s exhaust to the default exhaust, which they can get from the mechanic.

Players can try this temporary fix until Sony releases a permanent fix with the latest Days Gone 1.06 update.

The latest Days Gone 1.05 Patch Notes can be found below.

Days Gone 1.05 Patch Notes

General Fixes

· A fix for a streaming issue in a certain locations

Crash Fixes

· Fixed a bug where some players experienced a crash when booting up the game

Known Issue

  • Audio dropping out/muted. If you are experiencing this, equip the default exhaust to your bike. We are looking into a resolution for this issue.

Days Gone is now available to purchase for PS4 from the PlayStation Store.


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