Realme 2 Pro Update

Madhav Sheth, CEO of Realme today announced that the Realme 2 Pro will Receive latest Android 9 Pie Beta Update based on ColorOS 6 on May 15 Realme. Sheth also confirmed that the Realme 2 Pro upcoming beta update will also add the support for Hal3, which is Android’s camera Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL). Sheth also outlined the latest Android 9 Pie beta update schedule for the Realme 1/U1 and Realme 2/C1. According to the tweet, the Realme 1/U1 will receive the latest Android Pie beta update on 5th June, while the Realme 2/C1 will follow the update on June 15th.

Sheth also noted that the beta to the final version will be in a phased manner i.e within 15-20 days. Below you can find the official Tweet from the CEO of Realme.

Notably, the Realme 2 Pro was launched running on Android 8.1 based on ColorOS 5.2.