Gears of War 5

A Taiwanese game rating site has leaked what appears to be the cover arts of the upcoming Gears of War 5 game, also known as Gears 5 or War Machine 5. The cover art shows that the upcoming Gears of War 5 game will be an Xbox One exclusive and might not be available for PC and PS4. The listing of the Gears of War 5 on the game rating site doesn’t share much detail about the game and its release date.

However, the report from Twisted Voxel suggests that the Gears of War 5 release date was also listed on the site but soon it got removed. The report suggests that the Gears of War 5 could launch as early as September 10 this year.

Gears 5 Cover art 2

The box art above can be seen featuring Kait holding up the Locust-icon pendant, Marcus Fenix on her right and Myrrah. This is the first cover art that was shared on the game rating site. At the time of writing, we found another covert for the upcoming Gears of War 5 that shows the iconic Gears of War logo, you can see that above too.

Gears 5 – E3 2018 – Cinematic Announce Trailer

Interestingly, the official Gears of War 5 webpage is already live now. The webpage shares the Gears 5 promotional trailer from E3 2019 which you can check out above. The webpage also shares 4k screenshots and some of the game’s visual details.

Gears of War 5 Release date

According to the details on the official page, the Gears 5 supports HDR and can be run at 4K Ultra HD resolution at 60 frames per second. Players will be able to play single player or online through split screens and cross-platform battles with friends on the Xbox One and PC.

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