Total War: Three Kingdoms Post-Launch DLC Content Detailed By Creative Assembly

Total War Three Kingdoms DLC

Total War: Three Kingdoms, the upcoming real-time tactics video game is set to launch on May 23. Now, just two days ahead of its official launch developer Creative Assembly has dropped a full post-launch DLC content plans for the upcoming Total War: Three Kingdoms. The developer earlier today released a full detailed plan for the game that will surely give fans an insight into how the game will receive its post-launch DLC content and what it will include.

Starting off with the additional content that will be part of the upcoming post-launch DLC content. There will be a different approach this time, what the dev is calling as the “Chapter Packs.”. This will include notable chapters from Romance of the Three Kingdoms and will cast of new and familiar characters, features and new objectives for each chapter.


Players will find a selection of new heroes and villains coming in each new chapter including some familiar faces from the main game. Further, the dev revealed that in terms of ‘size’ of content, players can expect a Chapter Pack to be somewhere between a Culture Pack and a Campaign Pack.

Lastly, the Creative Assembly also noted that players can start pre-load the game starting from 6 pm BST on Monday the 20th May and can start downloading the game from the same time is they already pre-ordered the game. However, the game will only unlock at launch, which is 8 am BST Thursday the 23rd of May.

You can check out more details here on the upcoming DLC content plans for the upcoming Total War: Three Kingdoms here.

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