YouTube Gaming app

If you visit the URL on the web then on the head of its home page you will find a message saying that ”Our Gaming app is going away soon, but you can still find all your favorite gaming videos in one place. Learn more” Now if you aren’t already aware of this then let me tell you.

You are getting this message on the YouTube Gaming home page because Google has officially announced to discontinue its standalone YouTube Gaming app on May 30. Now this means that you won’t be able to access the YouTube gaming app if you have already installed that on your device or the website after May 30.

To recall, this is a part of the decision that Google made last year on September 18, 2018.  Google wanted to keep everything in one place by providing gamers and streamers a new home within the main YouTube app. As a result of this, Google last year via its blog post announced that now there is a new destination for gamers on the main YouTube site which you can find at

In simple words, Google had already merged its standalone YouTube Gaming app within the main YouTube app last year and now it has finally announced to shut down the YouTube Gaming app. Notably, the YouTube Gaming app ran for almost 4 years since it launched back in 2015.

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