Meow Motors

Meow Motors is now available for Digital Pre-order on Xbox One. Meow Motors is an upcoming go-kart racing game that features dozen colorful and beautiful kitties in the game. All the colorful cats in the game come with their different features and unique personalities. You objective in the game is to take down your opponents by blasting them with bubble gum and other astonishing weapons.

The game becomes even more interesting when you run on the tracks drifting through mines and bombs. Meow Motors also features Dynamic gameplay that features three different modes: circle races, drifts, and ‘strike’ mode. It also includes 20 different tracks, 10 power-ups with unique capabilities and 10 power-ups with unique effects to lose your competitors.

To know more check out the official Meow Motors trailer below.

Meow Motors estimated download size is around 7.56 GB on Xbox One. The game will be out August 2, 2019.